Pippa Middleton Faces Fiancé James Matthews’ ‘Disturbing Memories’ Before Wedding

Pippa Middleton is getting married to James Matthews, which means that she will become more involved in his personal life. To show him as well as the world how ready she is, the 32-year-old British socialite climbed one of the highest peaks in Europe, proving that she can face any kind of “disturbing memories” that her husband-to-be may have.

With her brother James Middleton, who climbed Mont Blanc with her in 2008, she just scaled to the summit of the Matterhorn in remembrance of her fiancé’s brother.

“Pippa, who became engaged to financier James Matthews earlier this month, did the climb to raise money for the Michael Matthews Foundation in honor of her fiancé’s brother, who died while scaling Mount Everest in 1999,” reports People Magazine. “He was 22 and was the youngest Briton ever to have scaled the peak at the time.”

This was not just a stunt climbing adventure that the socialite pulled out. She has been participating in marathons, ski races, and mountain climbing for the past years, showing that she is using her amatuer athleticism to raise money for those who are in need.

“It was humbling to have been able to climb one of the world’s most beautiful mountains and raise money for a charity created in memory of an extraordinary young man who lost his life on another peak,” Pippa said. “Although I have raised money in the past for the Michael Matthews Foundation, it has now become even more important to me and my family.”

Sounds like she is ready to become more invested in the Matthews family as well as their history.

“It would have been good if James Matthews had been here to share the experience, something I know he would have loved to have done,” she said. “Mountain climbing, though, has disturbing memories, and understandably James kept his feet firmly on the ground, whilst giving us his complete support.”

Although her fiancé could not be there for her because of his traumas, her brother was right by her. They have shared many sporty events together, attending Wimbledon, doing a bike race across the United States, as well as being each other’s company to various fundraisers.

Signing herself up for more races and climbs can only be good for Pippa Middleton, as she is preparing for her wedding next year. Participating in this many physical challenges will keep her in tip-top shape as she plans out what her white dress for the big day will be.

When she isn’t participating in a big competition, she keeps herself active in London, jogging, walking her dog and cycling as much as she can. She indeed has been doing that with her gigantic engagement ring on her fourth finger.

“Despite the estimated $328,000 price tag, 32-year-old Pippa wore the rock with ease as she cycled through traffic in the city,” reports Hello! Magazine. “The columnist looked as chic as ever in an outfit that combined clashing animal prints.”

Many people are also getting curious what kind of ideas she has for her wedding dress. While she has not given hints to the public yet, press has called in the designer of her sister Kate Middleton’s wedding dress to give his two cents.

“As long as the complete opposite of the Duchess of Cambridge – then she stands a chance,” he said, according to the Daily Mail. “She’s not a royal; she’s not going to be a royal. And that’s all I’m saying.”

“I personally, would put her in something very soft, perhaps chiffon, with a train of course because it’s dramatic,” he continued. “Possibly a little lace bodice, soft and fluid, I mean she’s got a great shape.”

Do you think her fiancé, James Matthews, has any solid opinions about what wedding dress she should wear?

[Photo by Jonathan Short/AP Images]