August 2, 2016
Supernatural Season 12: Dean Rescues Sam And What Else To Expect (Spoiler Alert)

With the launch of Supernatural Season 12 in a couple of months, the show will become one of the longest-running scripted series on television today. May's Season 11 finale left fans with a double cliffhanger and a lot of questions about the fate of the demon hunting brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. However, fans are pleased that some of the answers emerged in the wake of the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) a couple of weeks ago.

By the end of the Supernatural Season 11 finale, Amara (aka the Darkness, played by Emily Swallow) heals Chuck Shurley (Rob Benedict) aka God, and then the two siblings leave earth. In gratitude for Dean's help in changing her mind and reconciling with her brother, Amara tells him she will give him what he wants the most. After Lucifer leaves the body of Castiel (Micha Collins), Lady Antonia Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore) arrives to banish Castiel, and Sam is left to deal with her alone. A gunshot is heard. Meanwhile, out in the woods, Dean finds Mary Winchester, his long-dead mother, who is Amara's parting gift.

As reported in Entertainment Weekly, Supernatural writer, director, and executive producer, Robert Singer, promised attendees at the San Diego Comic-Con panel that after the cataclysmic events of the last few seasons, the show would get back to "some good old-fashioned horror stories."

'Supernatural' Season 12 – Where's Sam?

The shot that ended Season 11 left fans wondering whether Jared Padalecki's Sam Winchester had left the show for good, but in an interview with TV Line, Jenson Ackles (who plays Dean) and Robert Singer reveal that Sam will be back from Episode 1. He's in a bad situation as a captive of the Men of Letters, and since The Darkness has left earth, he assumes that Dean is dead and not coming to help him.

Fans of the show won't be surprised, however, when Dean puts the pieces together quickly in Episode 1 of Season 12, coming to Sam's rescue. Episode 1 will pay tribute to the Taken series of films, starring Liam Neeson in recreating his iconic "I will find you" line.

During Supernatural Season 12, fans will find out more about Lady Toni, the woman who shot Sam. She's a member of the British chapter of Men of Letters, a secretive worldwide organization that studies the occult. The Winchester brothers were first introduced to the Men of Letters by their own grandfather, Henry Winchester, back in 2013.

Mary Winchester – Back From Heaven

Dean is busy coming to terms with the fact that his mother was resurrected by The Darkness even as he fights to rescue Sam. Once Sam is safe, it sets up a family reunion with the brothers and Mary Winchester, played by Samantha Smith. How will reconnecting with her sons play out?

In an interview with Enstarz, Samantha raises the question of whether Mary Winchester will even recognize Dean at first, or believe that he is who he says he is.

It should prove to be interesting, given that Mary was killed by a demon when Sam was a baby sleeping in a crib and Dean was just a small boy. Mary, fans will remember, used to be a hunter herself. Will she join the boys on their hunts? Or will be she a weak spot that the forces of evil can use to blackmail Sam and Dean?

Lucifer And Castiel In 'Supernatural' Season 12

Naturally, Lucifer is still the enemy of the Winchester brothers, but he's going to take a different form this year. He'll take on the body and persona of a rock star named Vince Vicente and will be played by musician and actor Rick Springfield.
Misha Collins, who plays Castiel the angel, told Blastr reporters at the San Diego Comic-Con that fans can expect Castiel to regain some of his old fire. While Castiel has been responsible for a good deal of the mayhem that Sam and Dean have experienced over the years in Supernatural, in Season 12, the angel is looking to set things right. In a video interview, Collins says that Castiel comes roaring back with the same kind of anger and drive that he had back in Season 4.

Supernatural Season 12 premieres on Thursday, October 13, at 9 p.m. EST on The CW network.

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