‘DWTS’ Rumors: JoJo Fletcher Could Join This Upcoming Season

JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette just ended, but the rumors are already flying about what her next reality television series could end up being. JoJo is starting her life with Jordan Rodgers, but that doesn’t mean she is against doing another show and having a great income to start their life together. Heavy is sharing that the rumors are flying that JoJo could end up being on Dancing With the Stars this season. The rumors always come out since The Bachelorette ends right before DWTS starts, but Chris Soules did it, and you never know if JoJo will do it, as well. Chris and his fiancée, Whitney Bischoff, didn’t end up working out, though. There has been a lot of speculation that the fact that he was so busy right after they got engaged could have been part of the problem with their relationship.

The new season of Dancing With the Stars will start airing on September 12. The cast always starts practicing a few weeks before the new season starts. If JoJo Fletcher was to do DWTS, then this would only give her about a month with her fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, before the season would start. That isn’t a long time to work on your relationship, but if they have a strong one, then it won’t matter. Jordan could head out there with her like Whitney did with Chris.

A while back, JoJo Fletcher spoke to Glamour about the possibility of going on DWTS and she wasn’t against the idea at all. JoJo shared her thoughts.

“I got a chance to go to one of the live shows last season, and I was blown away with how unbelievable that show was. I think that if the opportunity came up, I would think about it because it seems like one of the coolest, most challenging things you could do. I would definitely consider it.”

It is obvious that JoJo Fletcher isn’t afraid of the idea of doing the show at all. It could be a great opportunity for her and lead into other things. There is also a big paycheck that comes along with doing the show. JoJo should be able to be on the show if she wants it. Only time will tell if JoJo Fletcher is actually going to be on the show or not.

There are a lot of others rumors going around about who else could be on Dancing With the Stars. Pitbull and Teresa Giudice are two names that have been thrown around recently. There are always a lot of rumors, and some of them always end up being true. Fans are hopeful for a great season.

Another reality show that could end up happening is one featuring Jordan and JoJo. Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are the first couple from The Bachelor to get their own show. It will start airing on Freeform this fall, and is all about their life together now and wedding planning. If the ratings are great for this show, then they could decide to pick up more with other people from the show. Hollywood Life shared about Ben and Lauren’s new show, along with a sneak peek.

Are you shocked to hear that JoJo Fletcher would consider being on Dancing With the Stars? Do you feel like this would be a good decision for her? Fans will just have to wait and see exactly what ends up happening. Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss DWTS when it starts airing on September 12 on ABC. They will be announcing the cast just a few weeks before it starts airing.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]