WWE News: Huge Update On ‘Smackdown Live,’ Are They Getting New Titles?

As soon as the brand split happened, WWE fans thought the worst would happen. They wouldn’t give it a chance and immediately criticized the way WWE was handling the new era. For example, WWE Raw automatically would be handed the better roster. It’s easy to argue that point, but Smackdown Live has talent that nobody can deny. Another critique fans had dealt with the management on each brand. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan have control of the blue brand.

Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are in charge of the red brand that has way more championships than Smackdown Live. Right now, WWE Raw has the new WWE Universal championship, Women’s championship, WWE Tag Team title, United States title and the upcoming Cruiserweight belt. Smackdown Live only has the Intercontinental title and WWE World Heavyweight championship. Doesn’t it seem like Tuesday nights need more championships?

WWE Draft on SmackDown Live
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That is where the critical WWE fans have it right. Tuesday night’s WWE programming, which is only on for two hours, needs to have championships to fight for. Think of it realistically. If anyone was in a competitive environment and had nothing to fight for, then why fight at all? For the women and tag teams on Smackdown Live, they truly have nothing to fight for. It was thought for a while the champions would be performing on both brands, but that isn’t happening.

Despite the WWE not even announcing an update on championships for Smackdown Live, a new report has surfaced that answered a lot of questions. According to Ringside News and Dave Meltzer, WWE titles will be coming to Smackdown Live.

“We can now confirm that Smackdown will be adding a Women’s Title and also Tag Team Titles to the brand. It is unknown what the titles will be called, and WWE will probably make an announcement.”

The WWE is easily making the proper move. There has to be something to compete for on both brands. That is if the champions aren’t going to be touring on both brands. It would be easier now than ever as there would be two live shows in a row, presumably making live events easier to attend each week. Either way, the decision is official.

Just like the report says, it’s unknown when those belts will come into play. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, the new Women’s championship and Tag-Team belts won’t come until after SummerSlam. However, the WWE has done stranger things in the past. With more belts, however, more WWE superstars are going to be apparent.

summerslam ufc and wwe?
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Thankfully, past WWE stars are reportedly in talks to come back to the company. Rhyno already made his return last week, and Shelton Benjamin is on his way back to the WWE. A report came out yesterday that had Victoria teasing a return to the company. Teddy Long, a former WWE manager, said MVP was in talks to return to the WWE. Lastly, WrestleZone.com is reporting another former wrestler may be on his way back to the blue brand.

Rosa Mendes has returned to the WWE Performance Center and it appears that she is training for a comeback to the ring after giving birth to her first child. Additional sources are saying that when Brian “Curt Hawkins” Myers returns to WWE it will be for the Smackdown brand.”

Will this help the WWE and more importantly, Smackdown Live? Their roster is not that big. Even though last week’s episode had all of their big stars in the main event, it still proved their lack of a mid-card. WWE officials have put together two WWE Raw episodes in a row. Hopefully, the same can be said after tonight.

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