‘Little People, Big World’ Scandals: Audrey Roloff Posts Nude Photo, Jacob Roloff’s Girlfriend Appears On Camera

This season of Little People, Big World is full of scandals. Season 10 has already seen Molly Roloff defending anti-gay comments on social media, while Audrey Roloff shared on her blog that she doesn’t support gay marriage. Jacob Roloff also revealed that he doesn’t share his family’s religion and that he’ll never appear on any more episodes of Little People, Big World. Two more recent scandals have hit this season, including Audrey Roloff posting a seemingly nude photo of herself to social media. Jacob’s girlfriend, Isabel, also reportedly makes an appearance on the season finale episode of Little People, Big World that’s set to air on Tuesday.

Little People, Big World has certainly changed since it premiered on TLC in 2006. Through the last 10 seasons, fans have watched the four Roloff children, Jeremy, 26, Zach, 26, Molly, 22, and Jacob, 19, grow up on the small screen and get married, go to college, and find careers, while beloved parents, Matt and Amy Roloff, have gradually grown apart throughout the years and even divorced last year. Off-screen scandals didn’t usually follow around members of the Roloff family like they do now. Little People, Big World had always been a fun-loving and enjoyable family oriented show that followed around the six Roloff family members as they lived out their lives on a large farm in Oregon.

Little People Big World 2
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As a family that struggles with the daily challenges of dwarfism, the Roloffs have always had their fair share of hardships that they always managed to work through. Before Little People, Big World, there really hadn’t been a TV series that chronicled the lives of people living with dwarfism in an “everyday way.” The first season turned into 10 seasons as fans fell in love watching patriarch and little person, Matt Roloff, 54, and matriarch and little person, Amy Roloff, 51, raise their four children, one of whom also suffers from dwarfism, Zach, Jeremy’s twin brother. As the family got older, things didn’t stay quite as simple for the Roloffs. There was even a large gap of four years between Season 6 and Season 7 as the Roloff children got jobs, moved out, and prepared for marriage.

Matt and Amy also wondered if their marriage was saveable in the last episode of Season 7 in 2013. As the Roloff children approached adulthood and the Roloff family began to grow with the addition of Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, and Zach’s wife, Tori, scandals and controversy began to surface for Little People, Big World, beginning with Season 7 and 8 when Jacob only appeared sporadically on the show.

Jacob finally decided in 2015 during Season 9 of Little People, Big World that he didn’t want to appear in any more episodes because he reportedly didn’t get any money from the previous eight seasons that he said was “his childhood.” As an adult, Jacob was able to make the decision to not sign a contract for Season 10 and disappeared from the show altogether, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Jacob’s long-time girlfriend, Isabel Garreton, completely and publicly supported his decision to leave Little People, Big World, saying that “not everyone responds well to fame,” according to Radar Online in July. And while Jacob has said that he will not do even just a few more episodes, Radar Online also recently reported that Isabel will appear on the Season 10 finale episode of Little People, Big World, “smiling in a few frames,” as Molly announces she has a new job in Spokane, Washington. Jacob claims that the entire episode was faked and scripted and that the Roloff family knew months before the Season 10 finale that Molly had a new job offer and was moving to Spokane.

That wasn’t the first time Jacob said the show is faked, but fans commented that they couldn’t care less if Little People, Big World is scripted, saying they just enjoy the whole Roloff clan and like to see what they are up to.

Jacob also said that he doesn’t share his family’s Christian religion, another reason he claims he left the show. The entire Roloff family has strict Christian beliefs that were usually kept out of the show, but their values have recently been put front and center after Jeremy married Audrey. They started a Christian marriage blog called Beating 50 Percent, where they regularly share their religious beliefs, including the fact that they don’t support gay marriage.

Audrey also recently started a lifestyle blog where she shares daily devotionals and living a life in Christ. But Audrey’s followers say that’s completely opposite of what a new photo depicts of her that was shared to Facebook on Friday.

The photo shows Audrey sitting naked in a bathtub holding out a peace sign, captioned with, “Just wishing I had a clawfoot bathtub in my room.”

Fans are now saying that she’s stooped to the low of Kim Kardashian by posting a nude photo and that she’s become completely self-absorbed, even though Beating 50 Percent is supposed to be about helping other couples maintain a Christian marriage.

In defense of the photo, Audrey came out and commented that she posted the photo to her personal Facebook page and that the Beating 50 Percent Facebook page is 50 percent not of herself and Jeremy. She made no mention of the fact that some of her fans were upset that she appeared nude in the photo. Some loyal Little People, Big World fans were so turned off by the photo that they say they “used to” look up to Audrey and Jeremy for relationship advice and that they miss the “old posts.” One fan even cautioned Audrey to just “leave it out” when in doubt, while another fan said the nude photo was just a little too bold for her.

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