‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco And Elizabeth Bond Over Art, But Is Their New Romance Already Doomed?

A new relationship is finally starting to bloom on General Hospital, and viewers seem to be warming up to the unlikely pairing of Franco and Elizabeth. They have been slowly getting to know each other, and so far this week, General Hospital has shown them making quite a connection. Unfortunately, that was abruptly interrupted on Monday’s episode.

Jordan and Valerie showed up to ask Franco questions about the murders at General Hospital. He is now the leading suspect after his fingerprints were found on the vial of drugs used to kill the latest patient, as TV Source Magazine had reported. He was having quite the moment with his lady friend in his hideaway studio bonding over their love of art, but it looks like their budding romance may have to be put on hold for now.

Not only are his fingerprints on the vial, but he was also seen coming out of the deceased patient’s room before she died. There were also the sketches that were found depicting every single person who was killed by the General Hospital killer so far. Franco is known for drawing his feelings on paper, and now everyone thinks that he has been sketching the victim’s faces before he murders them. This is all too convenient, especially since Franco has such a violent past.

It is unlikely that he is the real killer, so there is someone else out there in the halls of the hospital who is probably framing the art therapist. Who could it be and what does this mean for Elizabeth, who is starting to fall for Franco? Now that she has begun to trust him, it could all be shattered to pieces again.

However, Liz is expected to stand by her man despite these accusations. According to a spoiler by Soaps She Knows, Elizabeth will be standing by her new guy and defending him to the PCPD. It took her a while to build her trust in Franco, and even though she may have a fleeting moment of wondering whether she should continue to stick it out, Liz is expected to do just that.

It looks like they have many obstacles to overcome. Not only does this couple have possible murder charges to get through, but they will also have Jason Morgan to contend with soon. Once he gets home to Port Charles and finds out that his ex and mother of his son is dating a murder suspect, all heck will break lose. Jason will not be happy about it and may even take action. Even Franco’s dad, Scott Baldwin, will try to talk him out of a relationship with Elizabeth.

So, who could be the person who is framing Franco for the murders at General Hospital? Nurse Amy seems to be way too eager to implicate Franco. There is also Andre, who says that he believes Franco had changed, but now he seems to have become very suspicious himself. Both of these characters have been tossed around as the possible killer.

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Heather Webber was also a possibility, even though she is locked up in a prison cell. She seems to have a way with the staff there and pays them off to let her do whatever she wants. However, Franco is her son, and she seems to be overprotective of him. Could she have been the one who planted the evidence against him? She could have felt betrayed by him for some reason.

Whoever it is that is killing patients at General Hospital, viewers seem to be anxious to get this storyline over with as it has dragged on for some time now. They also want to see Franco and Liz continue their romance without the threat of murder charges hanging over them.

Do you think the relationship between Franco and Elizabeth is doomed before it even gets started? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out if this romance continues.

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