‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Remake Differs From Original, Still Has Tim Curry’s Seal Of Approval

Rocky Horror Picture Show remake is just months away from release, and Fox has allowed eager fans to take a peek at the upcoming film starring actress Laverne Cox, according to Rolling Stone. Thus, Fox is offering a remake of another hit musical of the ’70s after its successful show of Grease Live!

And while many still cannot believe they were singing along with a transvestite just a few decades ago in the original Rocky Horror Picture Show musical, Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox sure knows how to captivate and shock the modern audience.

Cox will play Dr. Frank-N-Furter, who was played by Tim Curry in the original musical. Curry, meanwhile, is not going anywhere, as he will star as the criminologist/narrator. But that’s not the only exciting news about the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, as the film also has a star-studded cast.

While High School Musical‘s Kenny Ortega is set to direct the new Rocky Horror, the film features music stars Adam Lambert as Eddie and Christina Milian as Magenta, as well as TV stars Victoria Justice and Ryan McCartan, according to Billboard.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is set to debut just before Halloween this year, had its exclusive trailer released during the film’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con last week. In fact, the cast and crew also offered the first 25 minutes to the guests of the event. And even though Rocky Horror Picture Show won’t be a live show, but rather a film that was filmed in advance, the cast and crew still addressed many challenges they had met while adapting one of the most bizarre musicals in the world.

The executive producer of the new Rocky Horror, Lou Adler, was very much relieved after he saw the crowd’s reaction to the upcoming film’s trailer.

“I think our biggest fear just went away.”

Adler also added that it was the Rocky Horror musical fans’ enthusiasm that carried this film for 40 years and made it happen in 2016. Fans of the musical have already pointed out a number of differences between the original production and the new film.

One of such is Frank-N-Furter, played by Laverne Cox, entering on a huge crane instead of an elevator. But what the crew of the new Rocky Horror made in harmony with the original musical was the fact that they incorporated a cinema audience to replicate the film’s midnight screenings.

But in general, fans of the original Rocky Horror noted how close it sticks to the musical’s script. For example, the audience will get to see a chirpy rendition of “Dammit Janet,” and then they will be treated to an equally great performance of “There’s a Light.”

And of course, there will be the iconic “Time Warp” performance, for which Laverne Cox deserves dozens of awards. Cox will appear in her bright red lingerie with “Sweet Transvestite,” which is a true gift to all Rocky Horror fans.

And while Tim Curry is bridging the two versions of Rocky Horror, many are wondering that the expectations are way too high for the upcoming film. In fact, some believe the film will not live up to the original.

It was previously reported that Curry was the one who expressed his interest in participating in the new Rocky Horror project and offered himself for the new production. The president of the Rocky Horror fan club, meanwhile, will make a cameo appearance in the film as the wedding photographer.

It also appears that Curry has already seen the Rocky Horror film and “liked everything about it,” as revealed by the film’s crew.

“He said, ‘You betcha.’ He liked everything about it.”

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