Hiddleswift A Sham? What Fans Discovered On Taylor Swift’s Date With Tom Hiddleston

Some of Taylor Swift’s fans are giving up on Hiddleswift. They’re afraid that the relationship isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Like it’s been rumored for months, fans fear that Taylor Swift’s relationship with Tom Hiddleston is not as real as they hoped.

According to an exclusive report on Buzzfeed published on Monday, August 1, there is something fishy going on with Taylor Swift’s relationship with Tom Hiddleston. The couple’s whirlwind romance was captured several times in the span of three weeks until Kim Kardashian exposed the singer on Snapchat. Swift, 26, and Hiddleston, 35, confirmed the romance rumors when they were seen kissing on the front page of The Sun back in June.

Ever since then, it seemed like Hiddleswift was everywhere. Even their relationship was moving at a rapid pace since they already met each other’s families. Although Tom confirmed in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter and at Comic-Con that their relationship isn’t for publicity, the two have been seen smiling all over the world. According to Buzzfeed’s investigative report, Hiddleswift was photographed 24 times in the past three weeks.

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The most shocking photos were of Tom wearing an “I Heart T.S.” tank top at Taylor’s 4th of July party. And the most recent photos of the couple were when they touched down in L.A., after their recent trip to Australia.

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But, after Kim exposed Taylor’s conversation with Kanye West on Snapchat, the pop star wasn’t seen in public for five days until she was seen leaving a gym in Los Angeles.

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Before the Kimye feud took off full throttle, Hiddleswift was photographed at least twice in the past two weeks. Since then, fans were only treated to exclusive details about Hiddleswift’s romantic dates without any photographic evidence of the two together. For example, one story in the Daily Mail mentioned that Tom used Taylor’s private jet, while another in Just Jared said he used her car and driver.

There were also the photos of Tom bringing alcohol and dinner home to Taylor in The Sun. There were photos of the two leaving and entering gyms in Los Angeles, but not together.

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The Hiddleswift sham rumors picked up steam this past weekend when a photo of a woman who looks like Taylor went viral on Facebook. The person who took the photo claimed that Taylor was on a date with Tom, despite the fact that she’s sitting next to other people and he’s not in the photo. The photo was shared in a private Facebook group, intended for Hiddleswift’s fans only, but has since leaked onto other sites.

“Sitting at the table next to Swifty and Loki but I can’t take a pic because the host only sat us here after making us promise no pics. She’s been rubbing his leg under the table, a few kisses. Seems legit. She’s very beautiful.”

Now, fans on Tumblr are speculating whether the people putting out these stories are just “ploys” who plant these stories about Hiddleswift’s dates without any photographic evidence to back it up. If you want an example, take People’s exclusive story published on Thursday, July 28, that included a quote from an alleged source who described the couple’s date from last Saturday, but had no photos to back up the story.

Taylor and Tom were having dinner together at Sunset Blvd, LA on Saturday night! pic.twitter.com/B1F3I4l9wA

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But, then, E! News published the photos of their supposed date – but nearly a week after it happened. Tom and Taylor were photographed laughing and walking hand-in-hand as if they were not bothered by the Kimye feud or split rumors. If there were photos in the first place, then why weren’t they published with the accompanying article?

And now, it’s being assumed that this crazy Hiddleswift relationship has cost Tom’s chances of being the new face of Armani. Sources told The Mirror, as reported on Sugarscape, that the luxury fashion brand has no interest in signing on the British actor.

“Tom was on the shortlist as they examined who could take over from Calvin. Obviously with Tom now being Taylor’s other half and the Calvin past deal, it would generate huge media coverage and headlines. Armani would hate to be seen as getting PR for their brand by riding on Taylor Swift’s coat tails, so Tom will not get the job. While Tom is without doubt one of the sexiest actors of his generation, he may not be the right fit this time. The brand is looking at attracting 30-somethings and under, so Tom may be a little too old.”

It may also look like Tom may not also get the role of James Bond in the 007 series. The people behind the films are not in a rush to cast someone for the role, inside sources told Chatt Sports Net. In addition, Gossip Cop has denied the rumors that Taylor has “pulled strings” to ensure that her boyfriend becomes the next Bond agent.

What are your thoughts on Hiddleswift? Do you think they’re for real? Sound off below in the comments section.

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