WWE News: Backstage News On Plans For Braun Strowman’s Push

Earlier this year, there were a lot of rumors about Braun Strowman receiving a massive push after Wrestlemania 32. At one point, Strowman was penciled in for a Wrestlemania feud and match with The Undertaker. Eventually, it was canceled, and then Shane McMahon returned to WWE in February, and the rest is history.

Even though that match didn’t happen, Vince McMahon is still believed to be high on Strowman because of his size and presence as a monster heel. He may have second guessed pushing Strowman after Wrestlemania, but he was drafted to Raw while both Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan were drafted to SmackDown during the WWE Draft.

Strowman being drafted to Raw disbanded The Wyatt Family for the foreseeable future, which means the WWE Universe could be seeing the push that WWE officials and Vince McMahon were originally planning for him. In his first appearance on Raw last week, Braun crushed James Ellsworth, who had a ton to say about the squash match, but the WWE Universe is wondering what WWE has planned for Strowman now that he’s on his own and being booked as a monster in squash matches.

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When WWE interviewed Ellsworth about his experience “wrestling” Braun Strowman during their match last week on Raw, he said the following about how intimidating Strowman was to face one on one.

“I’ve been wrestling 14 years with various promotions on the East Coast and faced numerous big men, but none as big or scary or tough. Everything that encompasses the word “monster,” he truly is. It was definitely scary.”

There is no question that Braun Strowman can get over with the WWE Universe as a top monster heel. His size and strength are awe inspiring, which is probably one of the biggest reasons why Vince McMahon sees so much potential for him in WWE. The problem is monster heels in WWE are effective until someone finally defeats them. After that, they lose a ton of momentum.

According to a rumor from Cage Side Seats, WWE’s plan is for Braun Strowman to continue winning squash matches on WWE programming to help build up his momentum on Raw. From a booking standpoint, that makes sense because the WWE roster was split in two and both brands have limited wrestlers. WWE can’t rely on using their superstars exclusively as jobbers.

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Squash matches will work to get him over. But, they are predictable, and WWE tends to overbook them for far too long to build up a new star. For example, WWE built up Ryback the same way but put him in the WWE title picture before he was ready, which did a lot to determine his destiny in WWE. Rusev went undefeated for a year before his first loss killed his momentum.

If WWE plans to book Braun Strowman the same way, they need to refrain from making the same mistakes. After a month or so of squash matches, WWE fans kind of catch on to what the powers that be are trying to do. The problem that Braun Strowman could have is the WWE Universe already knows that he is big, strong, and dangerous because of his time in The Wyatt Family.

WWE is attempting to distance Strowman far away from being “The Black Sheep” of that stable, but that includes almost erasing everything he did before. Braun was already over as a monster heel when WWE superstars like Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns put him over during matches. Nothing against James Ellsworth or anyone else who puts him over in a squash match, but what are they going to do that some of the top wrestlers in WWE haven’t done already?

The point is that WWE doesn’t need to book Braun Strowman in several weeks of squash matches against a lot of guys the WWE fans don’t know. He’s already been on the main roster for nearly a year, so it isn’t going to take much for Strowman to establish himself on Raw as a singles wrestler. It’s far more important for WWE to be careful about pushing him too fast.

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