Cristiano Ronaldo: Cassandre Davis Is The ‘Smoking Hot’ Miami Mystery Woman

Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s “hot single” life coming to an end? Poolside pics from a chill day in Miami could mean that Ronaldo has found the right woman at last! Either that, or he is still “totally lovin’ the single life,” and the latest “gorgeous blonde” is just one more adventure for the Real Madrid star. TMZ first shared the photos of Ronald “getting VERY up close and personal” with a “mystery woman” who was soaking up the sun with Cristiano at a private pool.

According to Hollywood Life, the woman was later identified as “super sexy” fitness model Cassandre Davis, famous for her Instagram account where over 500K followers watch her “a**-centric” workout videos. That fitness focus made for a photogenic couple as Cristiano and Cassandre played together at the pool, “packing on the PDA,” cozying up together, and showing off lots of bare skin.

Davis may be the same “leggy” fair-haired beauty who sat next to the Real Madrid player at a Los Angeles dinner last week. Sports World described the scene where Ronaldo was “flanked by multiple beautiful women” as he sat between a brunette and a blonde while hanging out with his buddies and enjoying some laughs. The magazine suggested that the golden-haired beauty with Cristiano could have been Davis, or could have been just “another girl linked to Ronaldo.

He seemed to be having a good time with both women, although on that occasion, Ronaldo and the brunette seemed more into each other than Ronaldo and the Cassandre look-alike. A source spoke to Page Six about Cristiano and the Davis ringer.

“He sat toward one end of the table with an exotic-looking brunette Asian girl on one side and leggy blonde on the other.. He seemed very into the brunette, but was also enjoying many laughs with his buddies.”

Whether or not that Los Angeles blonde was Cassandre, she and Cristiano had “no problems getting affectionate” while they joked around on their Miami date. Ronaldo and Davis were “all over each other” and totally open with their mutual romantic interest. They did lots of cuddling and sitting “on top of each other” on the poolside lounge chairs, while both of them were clad in barely-there bathing suits. There’s even a closeup shot of Ronaldo kissing Davis on the top of her head as she lies back against him, smiling from ear to ear.

Ronaldo is often romantically linked with gorgeous stars and over the years has “sparked romances with many models,” but he isn’t always forthcoming about the ones he dates. He’s had a few serious relationships too, including “Russian bombshell Irina Shayk,” whose romance with Ronaldo came to an end in January 2015.

Ronaldo’s son, Cristiano Jr. is often seen out with his dad, who has sole custody of his son, but his mother remains one of the mystery girlfriends in the senior Cristiano’s life. According to Hello magazine, Ronaldo “has never publicly revealed” who the little guy’s mom is.

It’s hard to say whether Ronaldo is getting serious about Cassandre. It was only a few days ago, on July 27, that Mr. Real Madrid was spotted “hanging out with Eiza Gonzalez.” As a guy who could pretty much have his choice of lots of different sexy celebrities to date and is often seen out with “dazzling women” such as English models Gemma Atkinson and Alice Goodwin, Portuguese-French beauty Melanie Martins, and yet another model, Nikoleta Lozanova, Cristiano doesn’t seem like someone who is planning to settle down any time soon.

Some Ronaldo fans live in hope that the Real Madrid star will stay single for at least a while longer.

What do you think? Will Cristiano and Cassandre become a couple?

[Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images]