'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Cloud Returns To 'Mobius Final Fantasy'

Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy VII Remake has returned to Mobius Final Fantasy for a limited-time event this December. In this new collaboration between the two games Cloud gets an upgrade to become Mobius FF's latest Ultimate Hero, which is a new job card granting players a significant stat boost along with access to special Ultimate abilities. When equipping the card, players get to preview how Cloud will look when the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is eventually released.

A "Boosted Greater Summon" event is currently ongoing until December 17, which means that whenever players summon an Ultimate Hero card they are guaranteed to summon Cloud. Just be sure to complete your summons before the event ends on Sunday at 6:59 p.m. PST (9:59 p.m. EST).

There are other Final Fantasy VII Remake characters included in the collaboration event as well. Barrett, Biggs, and Wells have been added along with Cloud as four-star Fast Learner cards. Cloud, Barrett, and Jessie can be augmented to five stars. As an added benefit to players who already collected some of the FFVII Remake cards from the previous event earlier this year, the cards from the set that have yet to be obtained by the player are getting prioritized during each summoning.

Cloud appears in 'Mobius Final Fantasy' as part of a 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' holiday event.

In addition to all of the new FFVII Remake-themed cards, the "Eclipse Contact" event stage is making its return. In this part of the story, the Warrior of Light teams up with Cloud to check out a Mako reactor. During their exploration, players can unlock several new items, which include Aerith's coveted Umbrella weapon.

Mobius Final Fantasy is also celebrating the upcoming release of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT by giving everyone who logs into the game before December 31 a free gift: the "Cloud: Dissidia FF" card. It features Cloud as he appears in the upcoming PS4 brawler, equipped with his signature Cross-Slash attack.

To see the Ultimate Hero version of Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy VII Remake as he is featured in the Mobius Final Fantasy collaboration event, watch the following video.