Eva Mendes Senses Ryan Gosling Is Like ‘House On Fire’ For Emma Stone?

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling just had their second baby together, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any rumors brewing. Ryan Gosling is about to take Toronto International Film Festival by storm with his performance with Emma Stone in La La Land, a highly anticipated romantic musical film by the same director of Whiplash. And their screen chemistry in undeniable!

The source of Ryan Gosling-Emma Stone partnership can be traced way back to Crazy, Stupid Love, a movie where Ryan became known as a comedic actor and that put Emma on the map in Hollywood. In a recent interview, the director of the popular romantic comedy spoke about how Emma Stone was perfect for the role opposite Ryan Gosling.

“It was very evident very early,” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “When Emma came in, she sat down, she was ready to go; Ryan walked in, immediately flubbed his first line, and she just laid into him, like, “Oh, you’re killing this buddy.” She was the only one not to be intimidated by him.”

He also confirmed that their palpable onscreen chemistry also in real life.

“They love each other in real life, and they get on like a house on fire,” he revealed. “It wasn’t a lot of heavy lifting on our part. It’s making a move to hire the right chemistry.”

They were together even before rumors of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling really picked up. Now, five years after the release of Crazy, Stupid Love, it looks like they are ready to take it to a new level in La La Land. Who knows, maybe they will walk away with some awards as well!

Emma and Ryan indeed have ramped up their romance for the trailer for La La Land, showing the world that things have gotten even more hot since Crazy, Stupid Love.

To satisfy their avid fans, the trailer “features almost nothing but Gosling and Stone dancing, kissing, singing, making eyes at each other, and, yes, even flying,” reports Vanity Fair.

“It’s a dreamy-looking confection, and one that seems like it will make ample use of its stars’ old-fashioned charms,” the article continued.

Before the release of La La Land trailer, the 35-year-old actor has been busy in the Czech Republic shooting his next big film, Blade Runner 2. He even has relocated Eva Mendes and his two baby girls to Budapest so that they can all be together during his shooting.

Eva Mendes has been seen on the streets of Budapest soaking in the chance to live in an eastern European city with her family.

“Eva Mendes looked like she was enjoying life as a new mother again, as she enjoyed a sunny day in Budapest on Saturday,” reports the Daily Mail. “The 42-year-old actress looked happy and relaxed as she strolled along the busy road, looking casual-chic in a navy ensemble.”

While she probably knows all about the undeniable onscreen chemistry that her baby daddy has with the Aloha actress, it’s highly likely that she isn’t very concerned about it — Eva might have already sealed the deal with Ryan!

“The super gorgeous and super private Hollywood couple hides everything, including Eva’s pregnancies, from the public eye,” reports Hollywood Life. “The couple is so good at dodging the spotlight that they may have gotten married without anyone knowing it!”

“[Eva] proposed to Ryan and he was completely shocked,” a source said, according to Hollywood Life. “The buzz is that they invited fewer than 30 people and told everyone they were coming to a backyard party. Of course, anyone there was sworn to secrecy! She doesn’t want them to grow up thinking that marriage is something to be avoided.”

Do you think Eva has nothing to worry about in terms of Ryan and Emma? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo by Matt Sayles/AP Images]