Google Maps For Android Gets Updated, Offers New Features

Google on Thursday rolled out its newest update for Google Maps on Android. With the update users will find themselves with some new and useful features.

Announced via the Google Latlong blog Google revealed that the program now adds search capabilities while allow Android users to more easily move between Google Maps while operating various Android based devices when signed into their Google accounts.

The biggest update is likely the persistent search results and mapping history features. With the search feature users signed into a Google account with web history enabled will now see app auto-completing for entries if they have searched for them in the past on any signed in device.

On the mapping side the app now displays a user’s mapping search history and directions history. Users can also still choose to save certain locations such as “home” and “work.” Saved locations also now pop up when the search function is used.

As always the Google Maps application and its update are available for free via the Google Play Store.

Keiji Maekawa, Software Engineer at Google Maps ends the post with the following message:

We’re always working to make your Google Maps experience more comprehensive, accurate and useful across all devices. To learn more about these features you can visit our site.

With Apple Maps finally available on iOS 6 and less than stellar reviews being given to Apple’s first mapping attempt these new updates to Google Maps for Android should allow the company to maintain its mobile dominance in the mapping market.

Give Google Maps for Android a try and let us know what you think of the new features.