Adam Sandler Berates ‘Biggest Fan’

Comedians are known for not always acting like adults, which is part of their appeal. But Adam Sandler might have taken childishness to a new level while filming Grown Ups 2 in Massachusetts last week.

Radar Online reports a fan, Denise Kodes, tried to get Sandler’s autograph, which the star refused. She then decided to try and take a picture of the 50 First Dates star, but Sandler wasn’t up for smiling.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Sandler saw her attempting to take his picture and sped toward her in his car. The shock of it all caused Kodes to drop her camera, breaking it.

“As I was just about to take it, [Adam Sandler’s] car sped towards me and made me drop my camera,” she said. “It broke instantly, and I didn’t get a shot.”

But for some fans, neither broken camera or shattered dreams of finding out your favorite comedian is not so very nice are enough to deter them from their adoring ways. The next day, Kodes went back — with a new camera — and tried again.

“I decided to go back to the set because I wanted a photo as a keepsake,” Kodes said. “When Adam saw me he went ballistic. He said I had to leave and angrily asked why I didn’t get the picture the day before. I told him about the broken camera and said I don’t know why he’s so mean to his biggest fan. He then barked, ‘Fine, take the picture already.’ “

Adam Sandler stars in Grown Ups 2 with Kevin James, Taylor Lautner, and an ensemble cast of other celebrities.