Mama June Explains Honey Boo Boo’s Head Was Cut During C-Section On ‘Botched’

Mama June is going to be back on reality television again this week. She will appear on an episode of Botched on E! on Tuesday night, and fans can’t wait to see her again. In Touch Weekly shared the details of what she is on the show for and some of the crazy things that she is going to explain on the show. The show Botched takes people who had a bad surgery experience and needed to get something fixed. They help to fix it and look their best. This show starts Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow of The Real Housewives.

Mama June Shannon actually had c-sections with all four of her daughters. Because of this, she has a lot of scar tissue that had to be dealt with, and the doctors on Botched are going to help her out. They made the incision at the exact same spot each time she gave birth. She will sit down with doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif and explain what happened to her daughter during birth and why she wants this surgery.

“When Alana was born ten years ago, there was so much scar tissue right here that [the doctor] didn’t know how deep to go down, and that’s why he ended up cutting Alana’s head open twice.”

Mama June Shannon also went on to share that when she had her last c-section, they explained that she had not been given a tummy tuck every single time like she should have been. The doctors didn’t understand what she was saying at all and were pretty confused actually. Terry Dubrow is obviously shocked by what the doctor told her and said that you don’t do a tummy tuck right away like the last doctor told her. Terry goes on to explain that because of the way the uterus is you could never get the muscles tightened the way you want for a tummy tuck. He even says this is the worst time to consider doing one. Either Mama June didn’t understand what the doctor told her or she was told something wrong by them.

Now Mama June is dealing with a lot of scar tissue in her c-section scar. The doctor told her that she should look into going and getting some of the star tissue removed. The Botched stars can’t even understand what kind of doctor did this and caused all of these issues. Mama June is lucky that she went to them to get help.

Page Six also shared that Mama June has been continuing to slim down and look better. Earlier this year, Mama June shared that she had already lost 90 lbs. and had big plans to get gastric sleeve surgery done. After this had been done, June hoped that she would be able to lose another 80 lbs. at least. She is looking great so far!

Fans really do miss seeing Alana, Mama June, Sugar Bear, and the rest of the family on reality television. Their show was canceled and ever since they have been trying to get back on television. Mama June and Sugar Bear were on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but they were not able to fix their relationship by being on this show. It just didn’t work out, and the two are still separated.

Are you shocked to hear that Alana’s head was cut open when Mama June had her? Do you think that the doctors on Botched can help Mama June out so that she will look her best? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Botched on Tuesdays on E!.

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