Pauly D Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Splits From Singer Aubrey O’Day — And She Might Not Have A Clue She’s ‘Famously Single’ Again

Reality star and DJ Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio has reportedly found the perfect, albeit most cowardly, way to end his nine-month relationship with former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day without any drama attached. According to TMZ, the Jersey Shore cast mate, who met and hooked up with O’Day while filming E!’s Famously Single last fall, decided to call it quits with the entertainer just days after she flew overseas to participate in the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother in England.

In case anyone is confused as to why Pauly D would be in the wrong here, here’s some Big Brother background: As with all versions of the competitive reality series, housemates are fully sequestered from interacting with the public, which includes access to phones, the internet, and news of both the mainstream and entertainment varieties. The “block” has been occasionally lifted in the past for emergencies or tragedies, such as the September 11 attacks, which took place during Big Brother 2, as noted by Big Brother Spice, or when Angie Bowie, former wife of rock legend David Bowie, was told of his passing from cancer by CBB producers earlier this year, as shared by Entertainment Tonight.

However, it is doubtful that anyone behind the scenes has shared news of the TMZ post or Pauly D’s mass-image deletion with Aubrey, which means that she most likely has no idea that she’s currently single again. Just before her departure last week, the 32-year-old entertainer, who currently performs with fellow Danity Kane alum Shannon Bex as dumbblonde, posted a loving farewell message on her Instagram to Pauly D and her two dogs.

“Hold the fort down [and] take care of our babies,” O’Day stated in the post, referring to Pauly D as her “hubby.” “I love you with all my heart!”

Although O’Day and Pauly D’s relationship had been shaky in the past (the two parted ways for a bit of time this past May), the rattling had seemed to settle recently. During a sit-down to promote Famously Single a few weeks back, Aubrey explained that their egos as celebrities often clashed, but they were trying their best to relieve those issues.

“It’s very difficult to build a relationship as a celebrity couple and have the personal life and the public come together as one,” Aubrey acknowledged to E! Online. “We were having a difficult time with all of that, and we’ve figured out how to be the strongest team that we can be. We both wanted to be together, and we weren’t willing to not let that happen. So, we fought for each other, and we made it through.”

She also marveled at the fact that the notable “gym, tan, and laundry” enthusiast was unlike anyone she had ever dated in the past.

pauly d aubrey o'day

“Pauly is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced,” Aubrey beamed. “He really is his own authentic self, and it’s so much deeper than anyone ever has seen on any of the shows that he’s done or the persona of him in public. That is what I adore about him most. He has a lot of traits — like very manly qualities. There are certain things to him that he will protect until the end of time, and I’m one of them.”

Ironically, as the two part ways (even though one of them may not be fully aware of it), the beginning of their Famously Single love story is reaching its conclusion as well. On the season finale of the show, which airs Tuesday, August 2, O’Day gushes on just how good things are with Pauly D.

“I’m happy,” she remarks. “Today was the first day [that] Pauly’s really getting it.”

Not anymore, it seems.

[Image via Aubrey O’Day/Instagram]