Shannon Beador Standing By Her Husband After Affair And Pedophile Accusations

Shannon Beador was shocked when she decided to bring all of the Real Housewives of Orange County ladies together for a party with the goal of having fun. The party quickly turned into something she had not expected as her husband’s affair was brought up and accusations of David Beador being a pedophile also came out of nowhere. While Shannon had good intentions with all of her guests, there were clearly some clashes that caused the party to be a memorable one for The Real Housewives of Orange County viewers. But even though David got a horrible treatment during this party, Shannon is standing by her husband.

According to a new tweet, Shannon Beador isn’t about to let a silly remark affect her marriage. She posted a picture of herself and her husband working out together over the weekend, and it sounds like the party hasn’t rattled these two.

It’s no secret that Shannon has been through the ringer with her husband after she learned that he was having an affair. Beador was cheating on his wife when they started filming the show, but Beador didn’t learn about it until the first season was over. Sadly, this affair is now common knowledge in Orange County, so new housewife Kelly Dodd knows about the affair. And shockingly, Kelly didn’t hold back.

During the party, Kelly downright called Beador’s husband a pedophile. In her Bravo blog, Shannon Beador explains that she was completely shocked by the accusations as it’s never fun to be compared to someone who likes younger children. Plus, Shannon knows that the comment was just said to cause hurt and pain, but it was quite rude to say. But Kelly didn’t stop there when it came to making both David and Shannon feel uncomfortable.

“The biggest blow at the ’70s party were Kelly’s parting words to David that “no wonder he cheated on his wife.” At this point in my life, that is the cruelest thing that someone could say to me. And to see the satisfied and proud smile on Kelly’s face after she said it was chilling to me,” Shannon Beador explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, according to Bravo.

And Beador was so shocked about Kelly bringing up David’s affair that she decided to fight back with the same kind of venom. During the fight, Beador decided to point out that Kelly herself had cheated on her husband while they were still married. Of course, Dodd had been separated from her husband during a period of time when she thought they were getting divorced. She admits that she isn’t proud of pointing to Kelly’s personal relationships, but Shannon needed to fight back.

“I am not proud that I brought up her affair and the family she broke apart. It is not in my character to do something like that,” Beador continues in her blog for Bravo.

Of course, David’s issues didn’t stop with Kelly. Vicki Gunvalson also has an issue with David, mostly because Shannon’s husband can’t forgive that Vicki and Brooks Ayers lied about his cancer diagnosis. And Shannon explains that she was shocked that Vicki would be so vocal about her feelings at the party.

“David is definitely not a fan of Vicki’s after last year, and when she went up to his table of friends and announced that I was trying to create drama in the other room, David absolutely jumped to my defense. Vicki then walked up to David and put her face inches from his. She provoked him. While I do not agree with David’s choice of words, I am grateful and touched that my husband was quick to defend me,” Shannon Beador explains in her blog about her confrontation with Vicki, according to Bravo.

The tweet does indicate that these two are together for the long haul, despite the crazy rollercoaster they have been on. It’s no secret that Beador is working on her marriage because she wants to stay together with David, but it’s unnecessary for her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars to bring up the affair as a way of using ammunition against her.

Are you surprised that Kelly called Shannon Beador’s husband for a pedophile? Where do you think this accusation came from?

[Photo by Lily Lawrence/Getty Images for Mediaplacement]