‘Suicide Squad’ Mid-Credit Scene Will Be Pivotal For DC Universe: Report

DC and Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad will have a mid-credit scene that will serve as its connection to other DC Universe movies such as Wonder Woman, Justice League, and others.

Before the end of July, Comic Book confirmed that the film about some of DC’s most villainous characters will be featuring a mid-credits scene that some said would tie the movie to other films in the DC Universe.

According to the outlet, having the short clip in the middle of the credits sequence is something that sort of differentiates DC from Marvel, which is fond of putting Easter Eggs both in the middle and at the very end of the credits.

Because of this, fans and media outlets alike are speculating on what exactly is contained in those short scenes that have been deemed “pivotal and important” by Comic Book.

Movie Pilot, a website fond of speculating things like this, believes that a couple of things about upcoming DC movies will be featured in the Suicide Squad mid-credits sequence.

Gal Gadot s Wonder Woman in DC Universe
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman [Image via Warner Bros.]

Among the movies mentioned by the outlet is the 2017 flick Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins. According to the outlet, there is a chance that the movie starring Gal Gadot will be linked to the anti-heroes of Suicide Squad, though there may be a couple of hitches along the way.

For starters, clips from Wonder Woman shows the Amazonian Princess in the World War I era, which is decades from the timeline set for the formation of the Suicide Squad.

One possible runaround on this is a magical talisman of sorts or a new character that would provide a connection between Themyscira and the Suicide Squad, Movie Pilot explains.

Justice League movie coming in 2017 ‘Justice League’ movie [Image via Warner Bros.]
Another movie that is expected to be linked to the August 2016 DC Universe film is Justice League, which Movie Pilot deems “more likely” to happen because of Batman.

Considered as the hero who fought the members of the Suicide Squad when they were still villains, Batman is also a focal character in the formation of the Justice League, which makes him the direct link between the two movies.

Aside from that, rumors have been circulating that the mid-credits scene in Suicide Squad will feature Amanda Waller with Batman in what is more likely a scene that focuses on the formation of the Justice League. Another possibility is the interplay of Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor, who was last seen in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice detained in a mental facility.

Another film that might have an important link to the Suicide Squad mid-credits is its own sequel or a solo Batman film that was promised for Ben Affleck.

According to Movie Pilot, some rumors suggest that the group of anti-heroes will be joined by other ex-villains to form a “Suicide Squad 2.0.”

Among the possible candidates for this is Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke, who is one of the more famous villains in The CW’s TV show Arrow.

Proof of this is the fact that executive producer Marc Guggenheim admitted to Movie Pilot that the character is currently being tied to another DC project that is most probably the sequel to Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad's Margot Robbie [Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Pictures]Aside from these films, Movie Pilot presented another possibility for the topic of the mid-credits sequence, Margot Robbie’s breakout character Harley Quinn.

Re-imagined from its comic book version, the character played by Robbie has proven to be a popular part of the Suicide Squad, which may make DC and Warner Bros. rethink the lack of solo movie for her.

Harley Quinn’s role in the entire plot of the film has yet to be revealed when Suicide Squad hits theaters, but it is clear from trailers and news on the movie that the character holds a pivotal role in the flick.

Whichever of these films are in the mid-credits, Suicide Squad is expected to become a huge hit when it opens in theaters on August 5.

[Image via Warner Bros.]