WWE News: Nia Jax Creates ‘The People’s Legdrop’ In Tribute To The Rock

One of The Rock’s biggest signature moves was “The People’s Elbow,” which was essentially 15 to 20 seconds of him showboating for the WWE Universe until he dropped a simple elbow on his opponent that somehow won matches. In fact, he won multiple WWE Championships with a move that has no business defeating any WWE superstar. Because it was The Rock, he was able to get it over with the WWE fans.

Somehow, Rock has even more cousins making their way in WWE. Most recently, Nia Jax was drafted to Raw during the WWE Draft almost two weeks ago. Nia is not like most girls. In fact, she’s one of the most impressive female wrestlers ever to appear on WWE television. She made her WWE main roster debut last week and secured a dominant win to begin her run on Raw.

However, just because Nia Jax was drafted to Raw doesn’t mean her work with NXT was over the minute her name was called by Stephanie McMahon. She’s exclusive to Raw on WWE television, but she still has a handful of NXT live events to compete in before her transition to WWE’s main roster is complete.

Nia Jax During An NXT Live Event [Image via WWE.com]Over the weekend, NXT was touring through Texas, and Nia Jax was involved in matches with the current NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. The matches were said to be great between the two competitors, but Nia did something unexpected that a lot of people are going to find wonderfully nostalgic.

During a match with Asuka last night in Houston, Jax had her laid out on the mat. She began to set up for her Legdrop finisher, but she used the opportunity to do a tribute to her cousin The Rock and create something that has been called “The People’s Legdrop.” CageSideSeats.com ran an article showing off the new move with the help of Danny Zavala on Twitter, who captured the moment live during the show.


Nia Jax may never perform “The People’s Legdrop” in WWE again. It could have just been for fun during an NXT live event to give the Houston crowd something fun to talk about on the ride home. However, it’s a creative way to pay tribute to her family while also bringing back a move the WWE fans still love, but with a unique twist on it. Nia Jax should continue to use it in WWE.

Nia Jax Creates the Peoples Legdrop in Tribute to The Rock [Image via WWE.com]The thing that makes “The People’s Elbow” a little ridiculous is an elbow on the ground isn’t an effective move to get a pinfall, but “The People’s Legdrop” has more of a chance to secure Nia Jax a win in WWE because it targets the head and neck area and allows her to use her body weight to her advantage.

Hulk Hogan used the move for decades in WWE, but he doesn’t have the same build that Nia does in WWE’s Women’s division. The Legdrop isn’t a complex move, but it works for her style in the ring. “The People’s Legdrop” could be a fun thing for Nia Jax because the WWE Universe will not only recognize that she is paying tribute, but it will continue to be a move they want to see.

The only problem WWE will face is Jax is a very natural heel on WWE programming. If she starts using this move, it gives her rapport with the WWE Universe and will begin to turn her face the same way Cesaro’s “Big Swing” did for him. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it seems like WWE officials are bringing Nia Jax to Raw to be a heel. “The People’s Legdrop” could be great fun when the time comes, but the decision has to be made if she’s going to be a face or a heel before she starts using it.

[Image via WWE.com]