‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Pokemon Moon’ Release Alola Form For Classic Pokemon, Reveal New Types

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are getting new types of Pokemon.

If you’ve played any of the Pokemon games, then you should be familiar with how they’ve evolved over time. The original starters were Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Since then, newer games have brought about new generations to be explored. There have also been updates to graphics, new ways to explore regions, and features that have given players new ways to connect with one another. We’ve seen the mega evolution of Pokemon, as well, where trainers could add even more flare and ability to what we’ve already seen.

It appears that Nintendo is bringing a new transformation system to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Classic Pokemon have been given the ability to change into an “Alola” form, granting them a change in type and ability when in battle. The new region, Alola, will have various microclimates that cause Pokemon to transform. When this occurs, virtual monsters will change appearance and make use of new abilities to defeat foes.

In a report by the Guardian, it’s reported that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will feature new creatures. Pokemon will be able to retain the same form while changing types, something that has never been done before. Sandshrew is able to change into an ice and steel type, shying away from its usual Ground type attributes. Even its evolved form, Sandslash, changes type and gains a new ability. Vulpix, which is normally a fire-type Pokemon, can also change into an ice type. Its evolution, Ninetails, gains the fairy type. As you can see, this changes how these Pokemon will be used in battle and also what type of foes they will be most effective against.

Perhaps the oddest out of the new Pokemon is Exeggutor, which is normally short in appearance. Its Alola form, however, turns it into a tower of a monster. Exeggutor’s neck extends to quite a degree, and it exchanges its psychic type for the dragon type. If this is any indication as to what we can expect, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will change the way that trainers compose their Pokemon teams.

The main focus for the Alola forms appears to be on the classic Pokemon. That is understandable given the fact that the overall count for Pokemon has increased considerably since the game’s first release. There were at least 150, but now players can easily count over 500 Pokemon altogether. Could this be an attempt at showing longtime fans how some of their classic Pokemon are used? Perhaps.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon aren’t just getting an aesthetic change. A report by iDigitalTimes suggests that there will be no Pokemon Gyms in the game. The new Pokemon game is based around four islands that the player will traverse. Apparently, the young trainer is destined to take on each island and unlock the power of Pokemon while challenging each island’s respective captain.

It won’t be a simple matter of beating the captain, however, as a recent trailer shows the trainer traveling the expanse of the island in search of completing an objective. While the Pokemon series has not been as involved in sidequests as games such as Skyrim or Zelda, it’s nice to see that Nintendo is planning on expanding the player’s goals and deepening its quests.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released on November 18 of this year. If you’re looking for a new adventure, both titles appear to be introducing content that we’ve never seen in Pokemon adventures.

How do you feel about the Alola-form Pokemon? Do you think that it will revive the hype for longtime fans and players? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image via Nintendo]