Draymond Green Apologizes For Posting Shocking Eggplant Pic To Snapchat — Twitter Goes In After Golden State Warriors Claims He Was Hacked

Now that everyone has seen what Draymond Green is packing, the Golden State Warriors power forward is apologizing. After posting a very personal picture on Snapchat and then lying about how it got there, the NBA star owned up to his own mistake and says he’s sorry for flashing everyone a very NSFW picture of his junk.

It all started when Draymond accidentally posted a picture of his own genitalia to Snapchat. The picture stayed up for about 10 minutes before he realized his mistake and took it down. Of course, by then the damage was done, and Draymond’s eggplant had been shared all over social media.

At first, the Golden State Warriors’ power forward tried to pass off credit for the picture by claiming that his Snapchat account had been hacked. His fans weren’t buying it, though, and made it clear that they knew the NSFW picture in question definitely belonged to him.

According to the Bleacher Report, after initially reporting that his Snapchat had been hacked, Draymond Green confessed that he actually had hit the wrong button. Green said that he meant to send the photo privately and instead posted it to his very public and heavily followed account. So basically, Draymond got busted trying to creep in someone else’s DMs with a picture of his member. Isn’t that special?

“We’re all one click away from placing something in the wrong place,” Draymond Green told reporters. “I suffered from that this morning.”

Draymond Green is currently in Rio de Janiero for the summer Olympics. It’s still unclear who the [lucky] recipient of Draymond’s eggplant picture was supposed to be. At this point, it doesn’t even matter, because everyone has seen it, and the image is still floating all over Twitter. It can’t be posted here for obvious reasons, but those who are curious can definitely catch a sight of it just by following the #DraymondGreen trend that is happening on social media right now.

Just about nobody believed Draymond’s initial story that he was hacked. Responses to his knee-jerk attempt to cover up his very big reveal were pretty hilarious. The NBA star tweeted, “Hacked….. Can’t win right now.”

Some of the funniest responses to Draymond Green’s hacked claim can’t be shared here because they are definitely as inappropriate as his shocking eggplant picture. A few of the others can be seen below:

Draymond Green seems to be pretty comfortable on the negative side of the news cycle lately. The NBA star recently made waves after he slapped Michigan State football player while he was visiting Lansing, Michigan on July 10. Draymond was arrested for assault and eventually got off after just paying a fine.


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Before that, Draymond received quite a bit of attention for his aggression on the court. Rather than flashing his own junk, Draymond was accused of attacking the manhood of Oklahoma City Thunder star Steven Adams during the NBA Western Conference Finals.

Just a few games later and Draymond Green got himself suspended from Game 5 of the NBA Finals when he tried to punch LeBron James in the groin as well. What is it with this guy and taking crotch shots? Whether it be with his knee, fist or even his camera, Draymond would stay out of a lot of trouble if he just stayed away from that region altogether.

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]