American Airlines Flight Attendants To Receive Samsung Galaxy Note Devices

The Samsung Galaxy Note will soon be in the hands of flight attendants at American Airlines. The company on Wednesday announced plans to give all 17,000 of its flight attendants the smartphones in an attempt to better access flight information.

Using the Galaxy Note flight attendants will be able to access passenger information, track food orders, take purchases and even stay up-to-date on travel conditions for their own use and to update customers upon request.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was chosen because its “phablet” design is larger than a smartphone but smaller than a tablet, making it the perfect portable choice for on-the-go flight attendants. The phablet also features a state of the art stylus for added support now and for future applications the company may choose to roll-out to its flight attendants.

American Airlines began testing the new Galaxy Note program earlier this year and decided that the Samsung device was the best choice for in-flight use.

The airline is no stranger to technological advancements, last week the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the airlines request to replace its flight manuals with iPads.

Customers since last year have been able to use American Airlines provided Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices for in-flight entertainment purposes. The Galaxy Tab devices are only offered to premium seat customers at this time.

Here’s an American Airlines introduction video for the new flight attendant program:

Are you impressed with the carriers quick adaptation to new technology that benefits its staff and customers?