Mariah Carey’s Hot-Headed Manager Flips Out On Followers, Is Diva’s Engagement Ring Fake?

Mariah Carey’s fiery manager, Stella Bulochnikov, has lashed out at the superstar’s followers, who she accuses of “cyberbullying.” Stella wrote an angry reply to followers in which she accused Instagram users of bullying Mariah’s kids.

Page Six relays the words of Carey’s manager, who certainly did not hold back.

“Listen you ignorant b*****s… I do not engage in ignorance or girl-on-girl crime or cyberstalkers… Get the f–k off of social media and moreover you can get the f–k off of my happy page and go get your life!”

Mariah’s manager and producer of her upcoming reality show, Mariah’s World, has taken a lot of heat over recent months, and her response to it, has lost her the support of many of the diva’s followers and fans.

Fans have reached out via social media and indicated their worries for the pop star and musical icon. The publication shares words of one such fan.

“[We’re] concerned for what’s happening with Mariah and the people around her. The last time we reached out to Bulochnikov, she told us to “f–k off!”

Bulochnikov took a bit of a higher road and left out profanity, instead accusing fans and followers of cyber- bullying behind blocked accounts. The manager noted her growing frustrations at this fact.

“I am sick of viral bullies hiding behind computers, spewing hate and ignorance. We have been constantly harassed on social media, and I’m sick of people being able to be abusive on blocked accounts… How dare we give these bullies a platform to infect others with their vile words. Cyberbullying must stop! There must be a zero-tolerance policy!”

Prior to this latest event, Stella already had a reputation for ruffling feathers with those on Mariah’s team. Many close to the star were not fans of the idea of the reality show, stating that this is something Carey would have never done in years gone by. People seem to refer to Mariah’s manager as a bit of a hot-headed puppet master, and since Carey has become engaged, sources close to the star have said she’s in a bit of a lovesick daze and therefore willing to let Stella take more control.

As for her engagement to billionaire James Packer, the star is remaining rather tight-lipped about the upcoming nuptials. Many speculated that there were issues with Mariah and her ex Nick Cannon, which was stalling the wedding to Packer. Yet, from the star’s own mouth, she shares that she is simply too busy.

The latest rumor revolving around the couple has to do with the massive 35-carat rock Packer put on Carey’s finger back in January. A tabloid story has shared that the rock may be fake. Gossip Cop shares a source’s claims about the ring:

“That crazy giant rock James gave Mariah is so incredibly valuable, worth an estimated $10 million, that she fretted about wearing it in public. So Clever Grrrl had an exact non-precious replica made and wears the flashy fake when she travels, performs or attends functions. But the real deal really makes Mimi squeal.”

However, the said tabloid is not always the most reliable source. Gossip Cop sets the record straight on this ridiculous tale involving a billionaire proposing to Mariah with a fake ring.

“Mariah’s engagement ring is not fake, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this absurd claim. We’re told it’s completely ‘false.'”

Regardless of time or locale of the songstress’ wedding, it’s sure to be one lavish and luxurious occasion. There was talk that the pair would wed in the Caribbean somewhere, perhaps even on a private island. No official word has come from Carey on the issue.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]