WWE News: Lana & Rusev Got Married Over The Weekend, Could It Lead To A Romantic Angle On WWE TV?

The romance between Lana and Rusev is so apparent that it was impossible to hide it on WWE programming. When the couple debuted on WWE television, they did a better job of hiding it until WWE made the decision to split them up after Rusev lost his first match and the United States Championship to John Cena at WrestleMania 31.

What followed was a feud between Dolph Ziggler and Rusev that has widely been considered one of the worst in recent WWE history, but it ultimately exposed Lana and Rusev as one of the happiest couples in WWE today. Despite the fact that The Ravishing Russian and The Bulgarian Brute were supposed to hate each other, their true feelings were too close to the surface.

Back in October, TMZ leaked the news that the couple got engaged in real life, which put a huge monkey wrench in WWE’s plans for their characters on WWE programming. Lana was recovering from a wrist injury and Rusev soon followed with an injury of his own, so it essentially wiped the slate clean and WWE was forced to acknowledge their love on television.

Rusev and Lana on the Beach After Their Wedding [Image via WWE.com]The fact is that Lana and Rusev’s characters on WWE programming are tied together by association no matter what happens in the future. Even when they were “feuding” on WWE television, they were still tied to one another. After this weekend, Lana and Rusev are happily tied together by the bonds of marriage.

According to a report from CageSideSeats, Lana & Rusev got married over the weekend in Southern California. Their wedding took place on Friday with several performers from WWE in attendance, along with the camera crew for Total Divas. It was reported that Lana will have a main role on the next season of the show, so their wedding will be a part of next season.

WWE.com posted an exclusive gallery of Lana and Rusev’s wedding photos. An article by Bleacher Report has also posted photos from the event showing that much of the cast of Total Divas were present, and WWE Superstars such as Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, and even Ryback were in attendance for the wedding and reception for Lana and Rusev.

Lana and Rusev Stand as A power couple For WWE [Image via WWE.com]Now that Lana and Rusev are married in real life, and WWE has acknowledged it on their website and social media, it’s unlikely there will be a storyline or a wedding angle on WWE programming for the couple. That could prove to be a big mistake because romantic angles are not easy to pull off in wrestling. The majority of them come off too cheesy to work, but Lana and Rusev have a dynamic that could make a “WWE wedding” work and could potentially get the WWE Universe behind them as faces.

Rusev is an excellent heel when he is booked as a dominant heel. There is also something about The Bulgarian Brute holding the United States Championship that gives him momentum. His second U.S. title run is off to a great start, but the WWE Universe has already seen him in this role. It’s been a good thing to rebuild his character on WWE television, but it may be time to evolve.

Since Lana and Rusev’s marriage is so close to the surface for them, why not utilize that to attempt a romantic angle that would not work in the hands of almost anyone else. For Rusev, it gives his brutish character a unique depth because he may be a killer inside the ring, but he is a romantic man at his core, which makes Lana the source of his strength as a competitor. WWE has a rare thing with Lana and Rusev. Their marriage is now public, so the opportunity is there to bring it to WWE television.

[Image via WWE.com]