NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns, And Sacramento Kings Talk Three-Way Trade

Taj Gibson is on the move, and Rudy Gay is coming to the Chicago Bulls.

That is the latest buzz going around in the NBA rumor mill. The NBA rumor involving the Bulls and Sacramento Kings is not the straight up, salary-for-salary deal. This NBA rumor is based on a three-way trade that is currently circulating.

According to Christian Today, the latest NBA rumor has the Chicago Bulls, Sacramento Kings, and the Phoenix Suns engaging in talks. The principal players involved are Taj Gibson, Rudy Gay, and Brandon Knight. In the trade proposal, the Bulls would send Gibson to the Suns, the Suns would ship Knight to the Kings and Gay would be heading back to the Chicago Bulls.

This could be just another NBA rumor, or there might be something to it. The rumored trade idea does work for each team involved.

For the Chicago Bulls, they have been linked to Rudy Gay for a long time.

Rudy Gay and Jimmy Butler The Chicago Bulls have targeted Rudy Gay for a while. Is this the time that the Bulls get him in a trade. [Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]According to ESPN, Rudy Gay has already requested a trade. It is curious whether he, like many people who follow the Kings, understand the team’s plans. And because he has a player option to bolt out of his contract and become a free agent next summer, it would be wise for the Kings to oblige him.

What is uncertain is which teams are truly interested in Gay, besides the Bulls. The Bulls interest was confirmed in the same ESPN report that has the Kings looking to move him. It suggested that both sides have engaged in exploratory trade talks.

The rumored talks could expand into something more definitive as long as both sides can agree to a trade that pleases both sides. Inclusion of a third team could give the Bulls and Kings what they want. This is why it makes sense to involve the Phoenix Suns.

Brandon Knight Brandon Knight would be the perfect guard for the Sacramento Kings. According to the rumors, the Phoenix Suns would include him in a three-team trade with the Chicago Bulls and the Kings. [Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]If it is true about the Sacramento Kings having a need for another point guard, Brandon Knight makes sense. According to SB Nation‘s Sactown Royalty, the Kings are monitoring the trade market for one. The Kings talking to the Phoenix Suns to see if they would join in with them and the Bulls on a three-way trade is a possible cure-all.

Brandon Knight provides scoring, passing, and rebounding. Is Knight a pure point guard or a combo guard? Either way, he could help the Kings if they were to add him in a trade.

The true question is if Brandon Knight is too much of a shoot-first point guard for a team such as the Kings. Whoever they bring in would have to work seamlessly with center DeMarcus Cousins. If Cousins is not happy, it will doom the Kings. Unhappiness in the locker room has hurt the Kings before. Eventually, they must change some things around. One of those displeased players is Rudy Gay.

Why keep Rudy Gay if he is unhappy? Especially when the Bulls are one of the teams looking to take him.

What Sacramento decides to do will determine which direction they want to go with their franchise. It is conceivable that they have to pull the trigger on some sort of trade in an effort to break their monotony.

The Bulls are trying to help the Kings out with their situation, while trying to help themselves. The Bulls’ rumored offer of Taj Gibson may not be what the Kings want, therefore getting a third party to join in is being discussed. The Bulls need more shooting, so their interest in Rudy Gay is clear. Sacramento needs a point guard, so now the talk is to get the Suns in on the trade. That leaves the Suns needing a veteran post player to team up with Tyson Chandler and their young bigs.

Taj Gibson The Chicago Bulls’ Taj Gibson could help give the Phoenix Suns better depth in the frontcourt. [Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]For the Suns, moving Knight frees up more minutes for second-year guard Devin Booker. They are very thin in the frontcourt. No one expects rookie Marquese Chriss to play much. Alex Len should improve in his third season. But veteran center Tyson Chandler is injury-prone and aging.

Having Jared Dudley on hand will help the Suns, though he is undersized. Simply put, the Bulls have what the Suns need.

Discarding the constant NBA rumors, the likelihood of something happening between the Bulls, Kings and Suns will rest solely with Sacramento.

The Bulls interest is Rudy Gay has never wavered. As long as he can still contribute, it never will. Gay can be streaky as a shooter, but given the Bulls need for more shooting, he is a fit. Giving up Gibson would be tough. The same can be said for the Kings and Suns parting ways with Gay and Knight. In order for a team to get what they need they must give up something. Neither team should deny that this deal helps everyone.

Would the Chicago Bulls do this rumored trade? If the Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns are onboard, don’t be surprised if something happens.

[Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]