Are JoJo Fletcher And Final ‘Bachelorette’ Pick No Longer Together? Will JoJo Admit To Her Single Status After The Final Rose?

JoJo Fletcher could be a single lady—at least according to Reality Steve. The Bachelor spoiler king has suggested that JoJo has separated from her final pick on The Bachelorette. Spoilers are included in this article, so don’t read ahead if you don’t want to know who JoJo Fletcher picks on The Bachelorette finale.

In his weekly column, Reality Steve reiterated what he has been saying all season long: JoJo Fletcher became engaged to Jordan Rodgers in the finale episode that was filmed in Thailand, leaving runner-up Robby Hayes brokenhearted. But now, his sources have hinted that the couple has already called it quits. Reality Steve says if the follow-up show tries to paint a picture that JoJo and Jordan are still together, then it may be all just for show and could possibly even be scripted by producers.

“JoJo got engaged to Jordan. Are they still together now?” Steve wrote. “There’s been a lot of chatter surrounding these two for the last month. I will say this: If come Monday these two tell us on the [after-show] they’re no longer together, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. And if they are together, I think they might just be telling us that to protect their pride.”

Reality Steve reveals that over the past month he has heard many things from reputable sources that make it appear that JoJo and Jordan have split.

“There’s just too many things I’ve heard over the past 3-4 weeks or so that suggest not everything is perfect in their world and they are ignoring all the haters,” he wrote. ” Whatever the case may be, though, this doesn’t change what happened in Thailand. Nor does that leave the door open for any of the other guys. She’s not running back to Chase, or Luke, or Robby either.”

While the spoiler king admitted he hears breakup rumors every season ahead of the finale, in JoJo’s case it has been coming “too loud and too often to ignore.”

“Put it this way, I’ve had way more people tell they aren’t together any more than ones that said they are. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is saying everything is great, they’re in love, and things are working out perfectly. Everyone I’ve spoken to is skeptical of the whole thing…To me, there’s just too many signs I’ve been given pointing to it being over.”

The blogger also addressed Fletcher and Rodgers’ split on Twitter, telling fans that while he can’t give specific examples as to what he has heard because it would put his sources in jeopardy, it was JoJo who ended the engagement, not Jordan.


Steve also warned fans to be wary of anything that is said on the live After the Final Rose follow-up show, because it could be scripted so that the reality dating show can save face due to its unsuccessful track record. The blogger has not ruled out the possibility that JoJo Fletcher and her former fiancé will “pretend” that they are still together before publicly announcing their breakup at a later time. Steve predicts it “won’t be long” before Jojo’s breakup is a People magazine cover story.


If JoJo Fletcher is single, she sure isn’t acting like it. While negative rumors have been rampant regarding both of her both of final guys (Rodgers has been accused of looking for fame and Hayes reportedly dumped a serious girlfriend so he could compete on the show), JoJo told People that she is “really happy” with how her Bachelorette season panned out. In fact, she even fell in love with two men.

“I didn’t expect to fall for more than one guy,” Fletcher told People. “I went into it being really scared of that because if anyone should not let that happen, it should have been me! But until you’ve been in these shoes and gone through it, I don’t think you can understand. I just had to let myself be open to whatever happened.”

On her blog for People, JoJo also revealed that her final leg of her journey was one of the “most rewarding but challenging” times in her life. But if the rumors are true, her challenges may be just beginning.

Take a look at the video below to see JoJo Fletcher dodging questions about her engagement.

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