‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Plane Crash Survivors May Find More Chaos When They Get Back Home, Confrontations Are Expected

A plane went down and crashed on General Hospital last week, but it looks like they will have more chaos when the survivors get back to Port Charles. Jason, Sam, Dante, Lulu, Ava, Laura, and Kevin are all expected to make it through the accident and they want nothing more than to get back home to their loved ones. However, they may find that some things have changed since they took their trip to Cassadine Island.

The week of August 1 will have the aftermath of the plane crash and will reveal how everyone makes it home. According to General Hospital spoilers put out by Soaps She Knows, it sounds like once they all make it off of the island, they will go home to some unexpected surprises and will have more chaos to deal with.

Jason and Sam Morgan will have their hands full with a few surprises that they are in for when they get home. Jason is going to be quite upset when he finds out that his ex-fiancé, Elizabeth Webber, has her eyes set on Franco, Jason’s enemy. He was not happy that Franco was previously involved with Jake during his art therapy at the hospital. Jason put a stop to that, but just wait until he finds out what Jake’s mother has been up to.

As seen on Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Liz had her first date with Franco and the cliffhanger turned out to be her being led to his favorite hideaway. It was kind of a dark, creepy place, and Franco locked the door, too. That made it look like he was going to do something bad, but it is expected to turn out just fine. Well, except for the fact that Franco is being questioned for the murders at GH.

When Jason gets wind of all of this, he is going to blow his lid. Hopefully he won’t threaten to take Jake from Elizabeth because of her dating Franco. Jason will also reunite with his BFF, Sonny Corinthos. Not only does he have to worry about Franco in Liz and Jake’s life now, but more drama is expected to unfold on General Hospital as Spencer Cassadine is in danger. Someone will attempt to kidnap the boy, and Jason and Sonny will be saving the day by thwarting the whole thing.

What about Sam? She will be coming home to her mobster daddy who has just attempted to kill her mother. She missed the whole thing as she was on Cassadine Island, but now that she is home, she is expected to lay into Julian. It is bound to get ugly. Hopefully she won’t faint again. Could her previous fainting spell be a hint of a surprise for Sam Morgan?

Now that Ava Jerome is back, she will be facing her brother Julian now that she knows exactly what he did while she was away. He will beg for her help, but will she give it to him or will she turn her back on him as everyone else has?

Now that Lulu has discovered the remains of what could be her dad, Luke Spencer, she will come back to Port Charles wondering how she should handle it. She will confide in Dante and they both agree to keep quiet about it, especially from Laura. Speaking of Laura, it looks like she will start bonding with Ava Jerome after they get home, as hinted by TV Source Magazine. It could be because Ava had gotten so close to Nikolas during their ordeal.

Laura has had her hands full with losing her son all over again and being on the island, where she calls the place that is cursed and brings death. She has also saved Kevin’s life while on Cassadine Island, and now that they are back home, sparks are expected to fly even more than they already have.

However, General Hospital spoilers say that Kevin and his ex, Lucy, will be having some sort of confrontation and Laura will overhear their conversation. Will this bring Kevin and Laura closer or will she back away from their budding relationship?

Stay tuned to find out what happens next on General Hospital.

[Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]