‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Natalie Takes Jab At James With ‘Your Mama’ Joke, Paul Gets Wasted, Nicole Takes A Tumble [Spoilers]

On Saturday night, Big Brother 18 live feeds featured houseguests telling inappropriate jokes, getting out and out drunk, and falling from low places.

At around 10 p.m. Big Brother 18 house time, James and Natalie could be seen on CBS All Access live feeds alone in the London room, chatting away and giggling as they lay on one of the beds. James decided it would be a great idea to go in for a kiss, but, as usual, Natalie refused.

James argued they are boyfriend and girlfriend, to which Natalie responded, “We’re BB [Big Brother] boyfriend and girlfriend,” adding while she laughed, “..tell James to stop it America…” As they spoke, Natalie kept saying to the cameras that James was trying to steal kisses.


She apparently decided this would make a good joke and took it took it too far when she then asked James, “You know who kisses all the time?” He responded asking, “What?” Natalie then blurted out, “Your mom!” She paused for a second and quickly said, “Your stepmom.”

James could be heard lamenting, “My mom….,” at which point Natalie grabbed him saying she didn’t mean to say what was said, and how bad it was. According to #BB18 Feed Updates, James mom has passed away, so the joke left James a little sour, but really not for long.


Natalie apologized profusely over and over again for the faux paus, asking James if he now hated her. James then noted, “Give me a kiss and I’ll be okay.”


He told her what she said was really very mean, but a kiss would make everything better. The two went back to incessantly giggling, and the whole incident seems to had been forgiven and almost forgotten in a matter of minutes.

In other Big Brother 18 news, Paul, the Week 6 Head of Household (HOH) appeared to be on some sort of tirade Saturday night. According to Joker’s Updates, at around 8:15 p.m. he was walking up to various houseguests and asking them if it was alright for him to get belligerent. Not long after he loudly announced to the house and obviously those observing on live feeds, “Your boy is getting wasted!”

Apparently Paul decided he would have to “chug 2 beers and a glass of wine” prior to leaving the house phone booth and was elated the houseguests were going to keep him caged until he finished imbibing the alcoholic beverages, Joker’s Updates reports.


Later, at around 9:23 p.m., Paul proclaimed he wanted to fight Paulie, which was definitely not a good idea. According to Joker’s Updates, at this point he was visibly inebriated and was unable to walk on his own very well. Thus, Nicole offered to aid him, but she had joined him in his revelry and also had a bit too much to drink.


Paul then “busted” into the secret room, now labeled the Paris room by the houseguests, where Zakiyah and Paulie had sought refuge from the other cast members, and began screaming. Paul blurted out, “Your boy’s hammered,” and proceeded to throw himself on the bed with the on-again, off-again couple, Joker’s Updates reports.

The night was still young for Paul, as he eventually made his way down to the pool and began eating ice cream, asking Nicole to join him. Nicole, however, was not feeling well having drank too much.


According to #BB18 Feed Updates, at one point in the evening, as backyard antics ensued, Nicole took a tumble out of the hammock she shared with Corey.


Joker’s Updates reports she told Corey, “I feel like I could vomit,” and asked, “Can I vomit?” just prior to falling. After hitting the ground and burying her head in embarrassment, Corey stated, “Please tell me the live feeders saw that!”

Nicole then blamed Corey for the fall, saying it occurred because he “shifted his weight.”

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[Image via CBS]