Lowe, Gordon, And Lopez Can Reportedly Kiss 'Live With Kelly' Gig Goodbye

It seems that Mario Lopez, Rob Lowe, and Jeff Gordon are now officially out of the running for Kelly Ripa's sidekick on Live With Kelly. It seems that ABC is frowning upon those who leak information to the press and go on self-promotion jags. Before the end of May, the show was Live With Kelly and Michael, but Michael Strahan left for a permanent position on Good Morning America which started the search for a new plus one for Kelly Ripa. The ABC network is being extra careful in choosing a new partner for Kelly to avoid another disaster like the Strahan exit.

According to the Inquisitr, a fan favorite and a Kelly Ripa close friend who is still in the running is Anderson Cooper. Though Cooper already has several jobs, a position at Live With Kelly might just fit into his schedule. Like those scratched off the list, Cooper isn't big on seeking the spotlight, and doesn't seem to be the type to push Kelly Ripa out of the way, seeking attention for himself. Initially, Cooper said he didn't even think he was being considered for the Kelly Ripa gig, but now he says he would be flattered to be asked.

Page Six is blowing the whistle on Rob Lowe, Mario Lopez, and Jeff Gordon, and telling them that they are out of the running according to sources linked to ABC and Live With Kelly. Lowe, Lopez, and Gordon were considered front-runners, but reportedly, their own behavior bumped them off the list. Supposedly, it is a big no-no to use consideration for Live With Kelly as a self-promotional tool. Items were placed in the press saying that each of the men had already landed the position, and Mario Lopez went on the Ellen show and said he knows that people are saying he already has the job.

An insider is now revealing that the three are out.

"It's a highly coveted job. There's no other show where the co-host gets to have their name in the title of the show — you don't get that kind of prominence. That's why they're leveraging [their place in the race]. Just being in the mix is helpful to their careers and reputation. Well, Rob, Jeff and Mario are not getting the job."

ABC believes that all of the boasting by the three who were considered frontrunners makes it look like they are only in it for themselves. To Kelly and the Live With Kelly producers, this warns of another Michael Strahan situation.

"After the whole thing with Michael, [the producers] want someone loyal. They want someone who is going to be in it long-term. They don't want a self-promoter and to [have to] be doing this whole thing again in a year."

So, if those three are out, who is in? Page Six is saying that at this time, the guys to watch are Fred Savage and Anderson Cooper. Sources say the bigwigs at ABC have taken Savage out to fancy meals, and he is being wined and dined for the co-host gig alongside Kelly Ripa. On a recent episode of Live With Kelly, Fred Savage joked that show exec Art Moore took him to a swanky dinner. Kelly Ripa responded by asking if Moore had his eye on Savage.

"He took me out on a date. He bought me drinks, he paid, it was really nice, he was a real gentleman."

Others still in the running are Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen, close friends of Kelly Ripa.

Who is your favorite choice for the co-host role alongside Kelly Ripa on Live With Kelly?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]