‘Pokémon GO’ Gameplay Offers Educational Benefits To Players Young And Old

Amidst the frenzy of the newly released Pokémon GO, there have been countless, careless accidents and bipedal collisions between players and non-players. It is safe to say that the media has done well keeping themselves busy. Instead of focusing upon the negative repercussions of the game’s release, let us nudge our minds into a new direction.

Pokemon Go Logo
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What life lessons does Pokémon GO have to offer? It is evident that this game is not strictly meant for child’s play. Children of almost any age have found themselves going for an impromptu walk on a search for the ever-elusive rare Pokémon. Take a quick look at a few displays of educational potential hidden among the fun and competition of Pokémon GO.

Healthy Lifestyle

First and foremost, the game requires its players to exercise. This is the most obvious benefit of jumping on the proverbial Pokémon bandwagon. There are plenty of opportunities to catch Pokémon while driving around, but most kids can’t drive. This leaves the children to the power of their feet to get around. Walking is an excellent source of exercise.

Adults can utilize the game to create family time and promote a healthy example for their children through increased physical activity and relationship-building teamwork. The game provides a smooth platform for families to transition into a conversation concerning healthy lifestyle habits. It takes a village to catch ’em all!

Forethought & Strategy

Pokémon games have always been one hell of an educator in the realm of strategy. The newest release really shines in this arena. Choosing whether to upgrade a Squirtle or save the stardust and candy for a long-awaited evolution is a lot more complicated decision to make than one may think.

Pokemon Go Players
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To survive and be successful in a gym battle, the player must understand how their chosen contenders work. They have to understand each available move and how specific types of Pokémon interact while fighting. This is the strategy, and forethought prevails when deciding where to search for the wily characters.

Nature’s Topography

Legendary Locations
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One of the more ingenious components of the new game is that the particular type of the Pokémon (aka water, grass, fight…etc.) was made to coincide where one might catch them. For example, search for a Staryu or a Squirtle (water type Pokémon) near water. Run through a field of wildflowers to chance a meeting with several different grass type Pokémon. Travel to a mountain’s top to grace the presence of a certain legendary Pokémon. There are countless resources littering the internet with strategy charts and topographical locators for catching specific types of Pokémon. The game offers a better-than-elementary understanding of cause and effect.

Navigation Skills

All of the Pokémon games require the player to hone their navigational skills, but none as well as the newest installment from The Pokémon Company’s empire. Pokémon GO requires real-life navigational skills. The game has the ability to mark the exact point on the in-game map where a certain Pokémon was caught. The information will prove helpful in future gameplay if the player is well-versed in the arts of navigation.

Pokemon Navigation
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The main screen of the game is very helpful and pivotal in teaching players to adequately use a map, as the game is very similar to Google Earth in the manner of display. The game works from an area view of the player’s surrounding area. If elementary schools could not get the message across, this game will teach almost anyone how to navigate their way through any given area.

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