‘The Flash’ Season 3: Carlos Valdes Discusses Creating Some New, Grant Gustin On Season 3 Flashpoint, And Is Tom Felton’s Character Evil?

The Flash Season 3 is a few months away. Flash fans are slowly learning just what Season 3 will be bringing them this fall. The Flashpoint Paradox is the subject of The Flash Season 3, or at least the CW’s rendition of it. The Flash Season 3 plot will involve upending the entire universe that Barry Allen has known for the past two seasons, and something very new is on the way. According to Comicbook, Carlos Valdes discusses the new and different in The Flash Season 3, including how different S.T.A.R labs is.

“I mean, different is the word, right? That’s the key word, it’s different. In our typical reality that viewers are used to, you have a dynamic that’s very locked in: friends that know each other and have gone through thick and thing together and they’re bonded and united by all of that struggle and so they click really well. In this universe, some of those people don’t even know each other, so you’re already having to deal with dynamic hurdles in that respect. I think for Barry, there’s a struggle there to put the pieces back to how he knows them to be.”

Carlos Valdes plays Cisco Ramon, who was on his way to becoming his DC Comics superhero alter ego Vibe, but now the Flashpoint Paradox has been activated. Valdes’ Cisco Ramon was constantly fascinated by each new metahuman and, of course, would be the deciding factor in CW’s The Flash for naming all of them, but Season 3 is a very different place. Carlos Valdes explains that its hard to play the same characters with different backgrounds and knowledge of events.

“Oh, absolutely. That’s gripping work. What people want to see in theater and art is discovery, you know what I mean? And I think there’s plenty of that to go around, especially in the first episode of the new season. So yeah, it’s been a lot of fun playing new colors, but there’s also a challenge to it because we have the muscle memory of having played these characters and these dynamics these past two years. It takes more work and more effort to come up with something completely new.”


The Flashpoint Paradox is coming to The Flash Season 3, so it stands to reason that the relationships in Barry Allen’s life will be altogether different. Grant Gustin explains what it’s like for Barry Allen’s first entrance into this new world that he literally created for himself.

“It’s a fun thing. When we pick it up, Barry doesn’t have any regrets at this point. Barry’s been in this timeline for a few months when we start ‘Flashpoint.’ He’s still living in a complete state of bliss with both of his parents alive. There’s a Kid Flash running around as The Flash, so Barry doesn’t have to be The Flash and he’s okay with that. He still has his powers, but he’s starting to forget the other timeline. He’s got new memories that are emerging, like graduating high school or college or moments with his parents, and they’re replacing old memories.”

The Flash Season 3 is not just going to be about current relationships but also new ones that will be entering this Flashpoint world. The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that the villainous Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame would be joining the cast in Season 3, but who he might be playing from DC Comics roundtable of characters is unknown.


What Flash fans do know is that his character’s name is Julian Dorn, he’s suspicious of Barry, and he’s a CSI too. Tom Felton was asked if he is playing a villain in Season 3, but his answer will not scratch that itch that fans have.

“I don’t know. I mean…they came to me for a reason. I’m not sure what that reason is yet. I know there’s going to be some serious material to sink my teeth into at some point.”

Does this mean Tom Felton’s character in The Flash Season 3 is evil? It sure sounds like it, but like any good tease, there is no definitive answer.

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