Amanda Bynes’ Parents Move From Texas To Be With Daughter

The saga of Amanda Bynes continues as her parents uprooted their lives and moved from Texas to California to care for their unhinged daugher.

According to a TMZ source, it was Amanda’s DUI in April that led her parents to contemplate and eventually complete the move.

Bynes’ parents placed their Cedar Park, Texas home up for sale, and they are hoping for a quick sale to cover their moving expenses.

According to sources close to the family, after Amanda was involved in several hit-and-run incidents and was caught allegedly smoking marijuana, her parents couldn’t wait any longer and simply leased out their home in orderly to quickly make the move.

Unlike the Britney Spears breakdown, the parents of Amanda Bynes are not asking for a conservatorship. Bynes’ parents are expected to simply provide her with a support system as she deals with her legal troubles and possibly a mental breakdown.

In past interviews, Amanda Bynes’ parents have claimed that their daughter did not have a substance abuse or mental issues.

This is not the first time Amanda’s parents have lived in Southern California; Amanda was born and raised in Thousand Oaks.

In the meantime, the troubled actress has come under fire by plenty of Hollywood types including the oft-troubled Lindsay Lohan who questioned on Twitter why Amanda Bynes was never arrested following various law breaking moves.

Do you think Amanda Bynes will benefit from having her parents close by during her time of need?