‘RHOC’ Meghan King Edmonds Heartbroken Jim Edmonds Has ‘Checked Out’ During Her Pregnancy

Meghan King Edmonds’ marriage problems haven’t gotten any better.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is currently pregnant with her first child, and her husband isn’t supporting her like he should.

An inside source told Radar Online that Jim Edmonds has already “checked out” and isn’t thrilled about expanding his family.

“He is definitely checked out and she doesn’t know what to do. She’s pushing and he’s pulling away. Obviously, he just doesn’t seem excited about having another kid.”

Apparently, Jim never wanted to have any more kids and even told his friends about it. This is one reason why Jim had a vasectomy.

In fact, Meghan had to undergo IVF treatment to have a baby and wasn’t excited about how Jim acted throughout the process.

Jim Edmonds and Meghan King Edmonds [Image via Bravo] Jim Edmonds and Meghan King Edmonds [Image via Bravo]“I was really disappointed in Jimmy’s lack of sentiment throughout my IVF process. And honestly, there were moments I was questioning if getting pregnant was even the right choice,” she explained. “Now that I am pregnant, he is so happy and excited for our baby girl to come, but at the same time I still think he’s removed.”

Although Jim is clearly not excited about the baby, Meghan admitted that he is thrilled about preparing the house for the newborn. This includes decorating their nursery and buying all the necessary baby items.

Unfortunately, Meghan needs more support now before the baby is born.

“They haven’t really been around each other that much… and he seems so distracted,” the source continued. “She just wants the attention period. She’s obsessive about the IVF because she feels that’s a way to get attention.”

In order to get her husband’s attention, Radar Online is reporting that Meghan shared a baby bump bikini photo on Instagram.

“Bewildered and awestruck by my the changing beauty of my body during pregnancy and embracing each hard moment and each happy moment as a momentous transformation that will forever change me,” she wrote alongside the image.

Meghan was five months pregnant in the image and her husband was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Wet Paint revealed that Meghan’s IVF treatment wasn’t a walk in the park. Not only did it change her daily routines but it also messed with her hormones.

“For me, with IVF, it was the hormones. It was really a roller coaster ride,” Meghan shared. “Feeling exhausted and bloated… It changed my lifestyle.”

Meghan King Edmonds is known for working out on a daily basis, but the hormone treatments made her too tired to get out of the house. At the same time, working out could have put her in a dangerous situation.

“My ovaries were growing so big that [it] was actually dangerous if they would’ve gotten hit,” she stated. “They could’ve bursted.”

Fortunately, all the struggles were worth it after Meghan knew she was carrying a baby.

“It was completely surreal,” she recalled after getting the news. “I remember exactly where I was. I was in my bathroom in my California house, and Jimmy was out in the hallway.”

When the former baseball star heard about the baby, Meghan revealed that he was excited.

“He was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s real!'” she stated.

Jim’s vasectomy prevented a natural birth, though he froze his sperm which allowed Meghan to get pregnant.

For now, Meghan and Jim are clearly having difficulty adjusting to their new lives as parents. Whether or not they make it through in one piece is yet to be seen.

Hopefully, their relationship will return to normal after the baby is born.

Until then, fans can watch the drama unfold when new episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange County air Monday nights on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]