AMC Renews 'TURN: Washington's Spies' For Season Four, Series To End

AMC renewed the hit drama series, TURN: Washington's Spies for a fourth and final season set to air early next year. Season 3 was a hit, raking in 1.2 million viewers per episode, securing a spot in AMC's top 10 shows for 2016.

Entertainment Weekly reports the news that AMC renewing TURN: Washington's Spies came as bittersweet for many fans. They learned that when the series returns, it will be the final 10 episodes of the show.

TURN: Washington's Spies fans were on the edge of their seats waiting to hear if AMC would renew the show for at least one more season. The series has not been as successful for the network as The Walking Dead, so fans were relieved to learn that the conclusion of the series will continue, and we will see a series finale.

The series is based on Alexander Rose's book Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring. The series followed Abraham Woodhull, a British farmer who, alongside his childhood friends, formed the Culper Ring, which helped George Washington and the American Army defeat the British during the Revolutionary War.
"'TURN: Washington's Spies has always had a lofty goal — to tell the real story of the American Revolution from the ground up. To capture the truth about the choice regular people had to make to support what has become the United States of America. It frequently involved turning against friends and family, and it always involved risking everything. Craig Silverstein, Barry Josephson, and their incredible team introduced us to the Culper Ring who have reminded us that without human intelligence, the war may have had a very different outcome. We are excited to see this story of betrayal and rebellion, and the sacrifices therein, through to completion in a fourth season."
The conclusion of TURN: Washington's Spies will leave us with the war ending and General George Washington taking control of our country. He becomes the father of the Unites States and outlines the rules that we now know as the Constitution. Season 4 will show the viewers how Abraham Woodhull and Robert Townsend changed the course of the war and helped Washington win the war against the British Army.
"I am so pleased to be able to bring the story of the Culper Ring to its epic conclusion, at the point where the revolutionary war ends and the great American experiment truly begin. This series has been a joy to work on thanks to Barry Josephson, Alexander Rose, our sexy writing staff, brilliant crew, and dream team cast. I am also thrilled to continue to work with AMC, who had the passion and courage to put TURN: Washington's Spies on the air and support our effort. I eagerly look forward to our future adventures together."
TURN: Washington's Spies will pick up Season 4, Episode 1 in Virginia -- it will be a close call which side will win the war, Carter Matt reports. Both the British and Americans experienced loss and betrayal within their troops. After an emotional journey, General George Washington, and the Culper Spy Ring will fight hard to for our independence from England.

It will be interesting to see how TURN: Washington's Spies writers wrap up the story and give the viewers a conclusion to the series. AMC revealed that the series would begin filming in Virginia in the fall with an early spring, 2017, release. Multiple media outlets predict that Season 4 will premiere mid-April, just as it has in seasons past.

TURN: Washinton's Spies fans, do you think Abraham Woodhull and Robert Townsend will help General Washington win the war against the British? Of course, we know America won, but what happens on the series in Season 4 is still a mystery.

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