This Obama Parenting Advice May Make You Love The President If You Don't Already

The Obama parenting legacy, for many, is a uniter even when people tend to disagree with his policies.

By all accounts, Malia and Sasha -- the President and First Lady's two daughters -- are exemplary and praised by conservatives and liberals alike.

Therefore, it only stands to reason that President Obama would share parenting tips with any new parents eager to hear.

Comedian Mike Birbiglia had that opportunity at an event when his wife was newly pregnant. The pair hadn't told anyone, and since Birbiglia has a rule, when it comes to meeting famous people, of always saying something out of the ordinary to them instead of a simple "love your show" or "I voted for you," he decided to take a chance on his rare opportunity to speak with President Obama.

Birbiglia shared the encounter on a recent episode of The Tim Ferriss Podcast, and if you didn't love President Obama before, then you may now.

Slipping in and out of an almost perfect Barack Obama impersonation, Birbiglia had this to say of the two-year-old encounter.
"Our whole thing was whenever we meet someone who doesn't care about meeting us, my wife and I always try to come up with a trick question that throws them off, and they kind of have to answer or think about it.... So our thing with Obama was, 'Let's tell him you're pregnant.'"
When Birbiglia and his wife got to the front of the line to meet President Obama, he said, "Mr. President, this is my wife Janet, she's newly pregnant, but don't tell anyone."

Birbiglia continued.

"And he couldn't help -- the President of the United States couldn't help but be like, 'Well, am I the first to know?' And my wife said, 'Yes, do you have any parenting advice?'"


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From there, a confused President Obama thought for a moment and responded to get some sleep. But then, struggling to find something better than that amid the canned laughter, he came back with this.

"Well actually I got something," he said. "When you bring them home, the poo doesn't smell. It doesn't smell like adult poo. Adult poo smells bad."

He continued.

"And when you bring them home, babies crave structure. They're eating and they're sleeping, and the breastfeeding doesn't always work out right away. It can be a little bit wonky. Don't freak out. And if it doesn't work out with the sleeping right away, don't freak out."
At this point, Birbiglia said, the President paused as if surprised by what he'd just said and concluded, "That's actually pretty good advice."

The Orange Is the New Black star and writer of indie hit Don't Think Twice found the President's remarks charming, particularly how he complimented his own advice.

And if you're wondering what (some would say) President Obama's "better half" has to say about parenting, just follow the above tweet.

So what do you think of this bit of President Obama parenting advice as well as Birbiglia's suggestion for what to say whenever you meet a famous person? Sound off in the comments section.

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