Amber Rose Says Wiz Khalifa ‘Put His Sperm’ On Her Face

Amber Rose wants another baby with Wiz Khalifa and it’s no secret. The model, actress, and talk show host just received her own show on VH-1, The Amber Rose Show, and Amber told a pretty amusing little story about visiting her ex Wiz over the weekend, though she may have ultimately given the audience a little too much information when it comes to her personal life with Khalifa.

“This weekend I went to Charlotte, North Carolina to see my baby’s father perform along with Snoop and actually I’m still high…I don’t even smoke and I’m still high,” Amber told the audience, according to Hollywood Life, referring to Wiz’s well-known love of weed. And with Snoop involved, it probably made it worse.

Wiz and Amber were married in July of 2013, just five months after the birth of their son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, who is now 3-years-old.

“You know that we have Sebastian together,” Rose continued, “And I really, really want another baby, so I asked him for his sperm like I always do every time I’m around him.”

She really isn’t exaggerating. Even though they are divorced, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa still have a pretty solid friendship with one another. Co-parenting slowly became easier and Amber says that they are best friends.

“And I’m like, he’ll probably give me some more sperm so we can have another baby,” she told the audience during her show. Although it sounds like Wiz didn’t deliver on his end the way she needed him to.

“But instead he put his babies on my face, thanks Wiz!”

It could have been just a dirty joke or evidence that the two still have sex in order to have another baby.

According to court documents, Amber Rose will receive $1 million under the prenuptial agreement signed before the two were married. Wiz will also pay Rose $14,800 a month in child support for their son Sebastian, and both parents will continue to share legal and physical custody of their son.

Along with apparently and regularly trying to collect Wiz Khalifa’s sperm for another baby, Amber Rose recently got involved with the drama surrounding her friend Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s relationship. According to inside sources, things between Amber and Blac Chyna haven’t been great.

Radar Online claims that Amber feels like Blac Chyna has left her behind, choosing the Kardashians over her. Apparently, Rose can barely able to spend time with Chyna, considering that she is spending so much time with Rob and the whole Kardashian family. Not only that, but Rob and Chyna are filming their own sex-episode reality series, Rob & Chyna.

When Kanye West was bringing up Amber and Sebastian during a Twitter rant earlier in the year, Amber shared a picture of her with Kim Kardashian, which put to bed any tension the two may have had with one another.

Yet Radar Online‘s source claims that Amber Rose actually hates Kim Kardashian.

“Blac Chyna is getting close with Kim now and Amber just does not want any part of it,” the source claims. “Amber cannot stand any of them really and none of them can stand her.”

There was a time when it seemed like the Kardashian sisters couldn’t really stand Blac Chyna – Khloe specifically. Either that, or they were just displeased with the fact that Rob didn’t tell them about the pregnancy right away. But Kim was the one who pulled everybody together to support Rob and Chyna.

Amber Rose hasn’t really been talking about Blac Chyna on social media, so maybe the two are spending less and less time together. But that doesn’t necessarily mean their friendship is over, at least not until Rose or Chyna themselves confirm it.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for VH1]

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