‘Basketball Wives LA’: Malaysia Pargo Still Feuding With Angel Brinks

Will Malaysia Pargo and Angel Brinks ever make up? Last week, it became obvious that the two Basketball Wives LA stars are still a little upset about the dress fiasco from last season. It’s during the second episode that Angel admits she still feels like Malaysia disrespected her.

If anyone thought that Malaysia and Angel could work things out after last season’s dress issue, they were wrong. It seems that Malaysia just can’t drop a grudge. She made it pretty clear that the whole issue of the dress Angel made for her not fitting wasn’t a big deal until Angel got upset.

For those that may have missed it, the IB Times reported that Malaysia was uncomfortable wearing Angel’s dress to an event because she said it was too big in the back and dipped way too low in the back, showing off her assets in a way that Malaysia didn’t want. Isn’t that what dress fittings are for? Who orders a custom made dress and doesn’t get fitted for it?

The feud got even worse when Angel reportedly badmouthed Malaysia between seasons. It was during a radio interview that Angel was doing when Malaysia said she would punch the BBWLA veteran in the face.

When Angel was told that Malaysia is upset about the radio interview, she seemed a bit confused. The clothing designer claimed that there was nothing serious about that interview and that she never was mad at Malaysia for not wearing her dress.

Rather than working things out with Angel, it seems that Malaysia wants to continue their feud, even if it means ruining the welcome party that Brandi Maxiell threw for Basketball Wives LA newcomer DJ Duffey. It was during Episode 3 of Season 5 that Malaysia dipped out of Brandi’s party early and blamed it on Angel Brinks. Apparently, she thought the party was not very exciting and didn’t want to come face-to-face with Angel.

After Pargo leaves the party, Brandi Maxiell ends up arguing with Jackie Christie over who deserves an apology. Brandi thinks that Angel needs to apologize to Malaysia and patch things up. However, Jackie thinks it’s the other way around and that Malaysia should be sorry for not wearing Angel’s dress even if it did have her crack hanging out in the back.

Even after Malaysia Pargo left, there was a lot of drama at the party about why she and Angel were still feuding. It got to the point where the other newcomer Angel Love wanted to know what the big deal between the two women was. Eventually, Brandi got so sick of all the drama and arguing that she also left her own party and left her friend DJ Duffey there alone with a bunch of women that she just met.

In Episode 3 of Basketball Wives LA, Malaysia and Angel meet up again in an attempt to squash their beef. That meeting also doesn’t go so well. It seems that both of them feel that they are right and neither of them is going to own up to anything. After arguing about the dress situation and having the whole sit down turn into a huge blowup, the two VH1 reality stars are no closer to making peace than before.

It seems that the odds are stacked against Malaysia Pargo in this season of BBWLA. Just coming off her divorce from Jannero Pargo and having won a pretty sweet settlement, she should be happier than ever. Instead, the reality star is beefing with everyone, even her best friend Brandi Maxiell.

“Honey is your bedding line anywhere? I haven’t seen it in any department stores. Who are you? What do you do? Why are you so like… B***h do you go to work? Like let’s be real. You collect alimony.”

Now that the feud between Malaysia and Angel has been turned up, the newer Basketball Wives LA star is taking the girl fight to a whole new level. After the most recent drama, she decided to diss Pargo again. According to Design & Trend, Angel Brinks has been bashing Malaysia, saying that she doesn’t even work. Brinks said now that the divorce is over, all Malaysia does is collect that alimony check. That certainly isn’t going to end any wars between the women.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]