WWE News: More Major Cruiserweight Classic Competitors Offered Main Roster Contracts

If you have not been watching the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, you may need to start doing so. It comes on each Wednesday following WWE NXT on the WWE Network and it has been amazing to see each and every week. Wrestlers from all of the world have been able to give us amazing matches with styles that can be very fun to watch. Whether they use power, technical, or simple high-flying skill, you’re seeing matches that will amaze you on every episode.

With the world talking about the very first show, WWE decided to bring back the Cruiserweight Division for the company. It will be featured on WWE RAW each week with a championship being fought over. It is uncertain if WWE wants to bring in a brand new one or use the old one. However WWE is known for branding things a lot more, so we can probably expect a new title so that we can forget about the old.

Regardless, the new title does mean you need to bring in talent to fight over it as well as become major stars for the WWE. Various websites including PW Torch have claimed that Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik have been offered a WWE contract. Others were rumored to have been offered a deal as well such as Lince Dorado. Meanwhile Cageside Seats reported that TJ Perkins, Noam Dar, and Zack Sabre, Jr. have been offered WWE deals as well.

Noam Dar
[image via WWE]

Most fans who know the three men believe this is a very long time coming. Perkins comes in with the most experience of anyone not out of the WWE like Tajiri and Brian Kendrick. Perkins started wrestling very young and has literally been everywhere you could go as a wrestler from Mexico to Japan on top of his American independent and televised experience. He worked in TNA for a short period of time, but they were not willing to pay him what he felt he deserved, which is probably the only reason he was able to get a shot to be with WWE now.

Noam Dar has experience from around the world as well. While not as known as some of the other competitors, he still comes in with years of experience with amazing in-ring skill. Fans have yet to see him on the Cruiserweight Classic, but his first match will be featured on next week’s episode.

Zack Sabre, Jr. comes in with the ability to tout that he could very well be the best technical wrestler at any size. What he does in the ring is not always flashy, but it is very effective. His submissions and technical skill surrounding everything is solely based on the anatomical science of wrestling. Whether he ties you up in a knot or manages to escape any hold you have on him and manages to put you in a worse one… he can seriously make you wonder if he’s a human being or a robot sent from some sort of evil scientist.

[image via WWE]

The English grappler is known for being able to not only have a variety of submissions and holds, but he’s also known for finding a way out of any that his opponent can put on him with his “escapism” style. He likes to claim that Harry Potter is not the only wizard out of England. He may be a real life one, as some of the stuff he can do may very well be considered magic.

We very well could see more men being offered a deal out of this tournament, but we could also see some being offered a deal who were not able to take part in it. It is uncertain who WWE can persuade to come in from around the world, but it will be fun to see whose added over the next year or so.

If all three men mentioned above were offered deals and accepted them, WWE’s cruiserweight division may be the best thing to watch in all of professional wrestling by the end of the year. The division may take off shortly after WWE SummerSlam as the current tournament would be over by then. That said, expect Monday nights to have wrestling that you seriously cannot miss.

[Image via WWE]