‘Girl Meets World’ Canceled? Cast Photo Casts Doubt On The Future Of The ‘Boy Meets World’ Spinoff

Is Girl Meets World about to leave the TV universe? Fans of the popular Disney Channel spinoff of the ’90s sitcom Boy Meets World are worried about the future of the show after cast member Uriah Justus (Joshua Matthews on the show) posted a curious photo of the reunited cast on Instagram.

The photo, which was taken during the taping of Girl Meets World’s final Season 3 episode, includes starring cast members Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Ben Savage, and Danielle Fishel as well as a slew of Boy Meets World alums who reunited for the supersized finale. Girl Meets World follows Boy Meets World sweethearts Cory and Topanga (Savage, Fishel) as a married couple with kids, and it centers on their teen daughter, Riley (Blanchard).

Included in the pic are Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), Will Friedle (Eric), William Russ (Cory’s dad, Alan Matthews), Betsy Randle (Amy Matthews), Lee Norris (Minkus), Anthony Quinn (Mr. Turner), William Daniels (Mr. Feeny), and Danny McNulty (Harley). In addition, Lindsay Ridgeway and Lily Nicksay, who both played Cory’s younger sister Morgan on the originals series, also joined in for the Girl Meets World family photo.

While that’s cause for a happy celebration—a real reunion!—Justus’ caption is what has Girl meets World fans concerned.

“Thanks guys. I’m going to miss you. It makes me incredibly proud to have been a part of something so special to so many people.”

It is unclear if the actor means his character’s story arc on Girl Meets World has ended for good or if it’s a clue that the entire show has been canceled. Joshua was a recurring character, so it seems odd that Justus would say a permanent goodbye without knowing exactly what Season 4’s scripts would have in store for him.

The Joshua Matthews character was just a toddler when the original series wrapped in 2000, played by Daniel Jacobs, the son of series creator Michael Jacobs. In another interesting post, Savage posted a photo of “the original Josh Matthews” all grown up at the Girl Meets World Season 3 finale taping.

In addition to Savage and Justus’ confusing posts, Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard took to Twitter to reveal that she is in the dark regarding the future of the Disney hit. In her tweet, Blanchard wrote that she doesn’t know anything more than fans know about a fourth season of Girl Meets World. But Blanchard added that filming of the finale episode was “very emotional” and that she would “never forget” her TV family.


That definitely doesn’t sound good for the future of Girl Meets World. On the plus side, most Disney Channel shows have a shelf life of four seasons, so maybe there’s room for at least one more round of episodes for the Matthews family. Either way, Disney Channel isn’t talking.

According to TV Line, Disney Channel reps say there is no news to report on a Season 4 renewal or cancellation for Girl Meets World.

“We are wrapping production next week on the third season,” a network told the TV news site. “With episodes airing on Disney Channel into 2017, there’s no news to share yet about a fourth season.”


Boy Meets World aired for seven seasons, but even without cancellation confirmation, it’s near certain that its predecessor won’t hit that mark. Still, there are many parallels to the two shows. In an interview with The Wrap, Michael Jacobs said both shows tackled coming-of-age issues, albeit in two very different worlds.


“The thing that intrigued me about it is that the world is so different,” the Girl Meets World showrunner told The Wrap. “There are so many fundamental changes to the world that Cory and Topanga’s children live in.”

Take a look at the video below to see Uriah Justus making his debut as Josh Matthews on Girl Meets World.

[Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Kohl’s Department stores]