‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher Is A ‘Serial Dater Like Taylor Swift’: Astrologist Reveals Why Engagement To Jordan Or Robby Won’t Last

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher is forced to make a choice between Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes during Monday night’s final rose ceremony, and based on a report from an astrologist, her engagement will end in heartbreak no matter who she picks.

According to professional astrologist Ophi Edut of the Astro Twins, JoJo Fletcher will not find her “happily ever after” with either suitor, and if she does go the distance and get married, it won’t last.

JoJo Fletcher Season Finale Robby, JoJo, and Jordan [Image via ABC Television Network]According to ABC, JoJo falls in love with both Jordan and Robby and has a difficult time deciding who to give her final rose to. Spoilers indicate that both men propose and despite warnings from her family, JoJo rejects one proposal and ends up saying “yes” to the man she hopes will be her future husband.

Edut tells the New York Post that 25-year-old Fletcher is a Sagittarius and her moon sign is in Pisces. That gives JoJo “a bachelorette vibe” and shows that she is someone who “needs to play the field” much like “serial dater Taylor Swift.”

“She is a Sagittarius, which is a bachelorette vibe… it’s a very free spirit and the kind of person who needs to play the field. They’re independent, but her moon sign, which is your emotion, is in Pisces… Fletcher’s actions mirror those of serial dater (and fellow Sagittarius) Taylor Swift.”

Edut goes on to say that JoJo won’t find her “happily ever after with Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers and the mens’ sun signs also play a part in how things will work out.

Robby, who will charm JoJo’s parents during the season finale, told the Bachelorette that he was in love with her early on this season. Although she falls in love with the Florida native, she has concerns about his intentions based on rumors that he broke up with his long-time girlfriend before joining the cast — did he come on the show to seek fame, not love?

Hayes promised JoJo during hometown dates that he moved on from his ex, Hope Higginbotham, long before taping for the Bachelorette started. However, astrologist Ophi Edut says their future is bleak if JoJo chooses Robby.

“She could choose Robby, but he’ll probably be her first husband if he makes it that far… He’s always going to make her feel like she’s not enough. He’s going to make her feel a little bit rejected or unsure of herself… if they do get engaged, I’m not sure how well that’s going to go.”

And what about Jordan Rodgers? A frontrunner since the premiere, Jordan stepped out of the limo first, scored the first impression rose, and was the first guy to lock lips with JoJo this season.

jordan and jojo bachelorette season 12 Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC Television Network]Although host Chris Harrison tells CBS Sports that Fletcher’s relationship with Rodgers is “100 percent real,” their astrological differences point to an unhappy ending if JoJo gets engaged to Jordan.

“He’s a Virgo with an Aries moon, which means he’s definitely sexy but the Aries moon can be selfish emotionally. They can kind of be player-ish… his chart says that he was a bit spoiled and entitled. He needs to learn how to earn stuff, and that’s a lesson he probably hasn’t learned yet.”

The bottom line is that Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher probably shouldn’t get engaged at all if she bases the outcome of her relationship on astrology.

Although producers will likely push her to pick one of the guys for ratings purposes, a previous report from the Inquisitr reveals that her relationship with her final pick is already over (spoilers in link), so it appears that astrologist Ophi Edut’s prediction is correct.

Edut tells the Post that JoJo should “not be getting married until 2017, like 2018 at the earliest” because she because “she’ll go through her Saturn return” — a time when you find clarity about what you want in a relationship.

“Marriages before your Saturn return can fall apart. So she thinks she’s ready and she’s not. She’s astrologically way too young, especially for a Sagittarius woman.”

Watch the three-hour season finale of The Bachelorette starting at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, August 1 on ABC.

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