‘To Catch a Cheater’ YouTube Video ‘Boyfriend Caught Cheating With Big Booty!’ Gets 9 Million Views

The YouTube video from the channel called “To Catch a Cheater” titled “Boyfriend Caught Cheating With Big Booty!” is definitely getting plenty of attention online. Not only has the video amassed more than one million views on YouTube — it is also getting lots of views on Instagram as well. According to the host’s Facebook page, the video has garnered 8 million views on Facebook alone in three days, as seen below.

In the video, which was uploaded to the cheater-related YouTube channel on July 25, a woman is shocked to discover that her boyfriend falls for a woman with a big backside in the grocery store.

The premise for “Boyfriend Caught Cheating with Big Booty!” came about when Michael — the hapless guy caught cheating in the video — fell for Lisa Rodriguez, better known as the “Big Booty Shopper” in the credits on the YouTube video.

According to the description, Luis Mercado is the host of the popular YouTube series — and can be found on Snapchat under the “RealLuisMercado” username.

Warning: The language in the following video might be offensive to some viewers.

The theory behind “To Catch a Cheater” — which has a similar name to the “To Catch a Predator” Dateline NBC series that was once so popular — is that cheaters can be baited and filmed. The man in this popular video had his potentially cheating ways exposed because — according to the YouTube channel — his girlfriend contacted the YouTube channel in order to put him to the test.

Similar to the TV show Cheaters, the YouTube channel focused on cheating also uses a hidden surveillance team to record the supposed cheater in action. However, the YouTube channel used Lisa Rodriguez, the actress with the ample behind, as bait for Michael — instead of just catching him in action with some other girl. It’s a move that’s surprisingly Michael didn’t see right through — and one that he fell for hook, line and sinker.

The YouTube channel’s description explained their process for filming and catching cheaters.

“We’ve seen a few comments asking us why we’re blurring the faces and some videos we don’t have them blurred. Well after we shoot these, the spouse let’s us know if they’d like to confront them on camera or not (most have said no) after that we ask the BF or GF being tested if we can use them in the video or not.. so a lot are saying no, some are cool and say fine.

“Ok… this kind of wasn’t fair to Michael. His GF hit us up on Instagram to put him to the test. We caught up with him while he was out shopping for groceries (his gf knew he was up to no good while [buying] broccoli – she helped us set that up). We throw a MASSIVELY HUGE BOOTY in his face! Check her out @lisarodriguez. Let’s see if he’s super human, and can resist temptations!”

cheaters [Image via Shutterstock]Whereas some folks don’t agree with the premise and are defending Michael by saying it’s not really “cheating” if he didn’t sleep with the woman — others are busy hitting up the Instagram page at @tocatchacheater2016 and asking the producers to put their own boyfriends and husbands to the test.

It makes sense that plenty of popular TV shows would find similar premises and success with the format being transferred to YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms where people might find themselves more often than in front of a TV.

Meanwhile, the cheater-catching YouTube channel has plenty of variations on their cheating theme. There is a video about a “baby daddy” who was caught cheating, along with a daughter who tested her own father to see if he’d cheat.

Lest viewers think it’s all men being tempted and tested on the YouTube channel, there are women being tempted too — such as the following video wherein a guy tests the woman he plans to marry, to see if she’d take the male bait of a guy hitting on her.

Warning: The video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

All in all, the format of the cheating show on YouTube is proving popular.

The channel points to their Patreon fundraising page to help get funding to keep their show going — and to move the show on the road to visit the cities where folks want them to travel.

“We can hopefully come to your city sooner than later to test your spouse! This will help keep the show free, keep us testing couples for free as well!”

The dangerous thing about sending others to tempt would-be cheaters is not just that it seems like an unfair form of entrapment — but because the show’s producers might not be prepared for what could happen if one of those interactions turns violent — especially when the cheated-upon confront their unfaithful partners.

caught [Image via Shutterstock][Image via Shutterstock]