Britney Spears: Why Her Bodyguards Told Joe Jonas To Stay Away From Her

If anyone ever had any doubts about how seriously Britney Spears’ bodyguards take their job, they can lay those doubts to rest.

The Daily Mail was the first news source to report the shocking rule Britney’s bodyguards have for protecting the singer, as explained by Joe Jonas during his appearance on Thursday’s edition of Watch What Happens Live.


Britney Spears may be all about getting up close and personal in her music, Joe told WWH host Andy Cohen, but her huge bodyguards do not let anyone who has not passed a strict authorization process get within arm’s reach of Spears when she is on tour.

“It’s funny because you’re not supposed to, I guess, technically get too close to Britney,” Joe commented when he was asked about the weirdest or craziest thing he had experienced when he accompanied her for the European leg of her Femme Fatale tour.

“Even though you tour with her, they still ask you to keep a comfortable distance.”

The rule might at first seem like overkill, even for a pop music megastar like Britney Spears — after all, someone like Joe Jonas obviously doesn’t mean Spears any bodily harm. But an anonymous source close to Britney recently spoke to Hollywood Life and explained that the strict enforcement of Spears’ personal space is actually meant to guard against negative psychological, and not physical, influences.

“Part of what keeps [Britney Spears] doing well are strict rules about how she is handled and treated. Her team of publicists and bodyguards keep her safe, secure and healthy. She has come a long way since shaving her head and it’s all thanks to strict rules about who is allowed near and around her and how her space is respected,” the insider says, referring to the infamous Britney Spears head-shaving incident of 2007 that the New York Post claims was meant to cover up drug use.


In other words, Britney has proven herself to have a very fragile psyche that can really damage her career — as it did in the mid-2000s — if it is disturbed even a little. Sure, Joe Jonas or someone of the like would never inflict intentional psychological damage on Britney, but even someone talking to her in the wrong way could trigger another mental breakdown. Britney’s bodyguards realize such a breakdown could be just as detrimental to Spears as any kind of physical attack, and so they prefer to stay safe.

Apparently Britney herself understands this fact, as Jonas said on the show that Spears is completely cool with the arrangement not to let anyone near her unless absolutely necessary, something which many would probably consider a nuisance.

“She was very loving and had fun with it,” he said of Spears.

Joe and Britney were certainly allowed to get close to each other on stage — Spears even mounted Joe’s shoulders while gripping a pole as part of her performance. The second the celebs stepped offstage, however, Jonas was warned to keep his distance.


On the last day of the tour, Jonas decided to flaunt the rule.

“On the last day…I just went in there and gave her the biggest hug,” he revealed.

“You can’t get too close, but I just went for it.”

One can assume it was probably a bit of a shock for Spears initially, but Jonas says that she responded positively to the unexpected affection.

Joe Jonas was still part of boy band The Jonas Brothers back when his tour with Britney Spears took place in 2012, but the band has since parted ways and Joe has formed his own rock band, DNCE. Their debut single “Cake by the Ocean” was released last year and made it to No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]