‘Days Of Our Lives’: Why Is Jennifer So Calm About Abigail’s Disappearance? [Spoilers]

There has been no mention of Abigail this past week on Days Of Our Lives. However, that will change next week on the NBC soap opera. Fans have a lot of questions about Abigail’s disappearance. One of those includes the question of why Jennifer Horton can be so calm about her daughter going missing. Does the character know something that others do not? Or has she simply accepted that her daughter is gone?

There are DOOL spoilers and theories below. If you do not want to know what could happen on the soap opera, then stop reading.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) are headed toward a custody battle. Abigail’s mother is determined to get baby Thomas. She Knows reported that on Monday, Jennifer Horton will get help from an unlikely source. Could that be a person Jennifer will regret getting help from and does it concern Thomas? The custody issue is stressful, but that isn’t the only issue Chad is facing.

NBC released a preview for the week of August 1. Chad will get a phone call stating that Abigail Devereaux is dead. While he is on the phone, Jennifer walks in. She seems concerned, but not as worried or distraught as a grieving mother should be. Why is Jennifer so calm about Abigail’s disappearance? Does she know something or does she only care about hurting Chad?

Since Abigail went missing, Chad has gone through every emotion imaginable. He drank excessively at first in an attempt to drown his sorrows. Once he got over that, he sprang into action. He interrogated Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) and is currently using all of his resources to locate Abigail. He even began lashing out at others, but this is understandable considering what he is going through.

Jennifer on the other hand, seems to be too calm, almost creepily and suspiciously calm. Known as an overbearing, super protective, “my children can do no wrong” type of mother, why isn’t she freaking out? Not only is Abigail missing, but the last time she was seen, Kate Mansi’s character was still hallucinating. She even started a fire and admitted to having difficulty telling what was real and what was only in her mind.

Instead of Jennifer asking Chad what she can do to help and being supportive, she is attacking him. The Days Of Our Lives character couldn’t get Thomas for a few days because of her recent drug use. In a way, she also blames Chad for Abigail going missing. So, Jennifer decided to hit Chad where it hurts most and is taking advantage of his vulnerability. She wants to take Thomas away for good.

Chad lost his temper with Jennifer, then tried to reason with her. When those tactics didn’t work, he brought up addiction. Later, Chad tried to speak with JJ Devereaux (Casey Moss), but that didn’t go anywhere. So far, none of Chad’s efforts have worked and it looks like Jennifer and Chad will be heading to court.

Is it possible that Jennifer knows where Abigail is and that is why she is so calm? Or has she given up already? Perhaps Abby’s mother believes she is just fine, which is something Caroline suggested a few weeks ago. There is also the possibility that Jennifer believes her daughter is dead and has already accepted it as a fact. In any case, Jennifer’s behavior is odd, especially for how emotional and overbearing she is as a mother.

What do you think is up with Jennifer Horton’s behavior? Does she know something about Abigail’s disappearance? Why is she staying so calm while Chad DiMera has his emotions all over the place? Fans will find out more when Marci Miller comes as Kate Mansi’s replacement on Days Of Our Lives. That will happen around Christmas.

Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

[Image via Mitchell Haaseth/NBC]