How 'The Crown' Season 2 Views Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip Affair Rumors

The release of The Crown Season 2 on Netflix in December has triggered thousands of fans to search online to get their facts straight concerning the alleged affair Queen Elizabeth endured at the hands of Prince Philip.

For example, Town and Country explained that while the royal couple always endured allegations of affairs, those closest to Prince Philip dispute them. As it appears, at the most, Prince Philip liked to admire beautiful women but never cheated on Queen Elizabeth to the extent implied in Season 2 of The Crown.

However, it is important to note that the writers behind The Crown Season 2 preempted curiosity about the allegations that Prince Philip had an affair while married to Queen Elizabeth I almost as soon as Season 1 ended in early 2017.

For example, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Crown writer Peter Morgan spoke in front of a Royal Television Society audience around March 16 and allegedly jested, "Doesn't everyone in Britain know he had an affair?"

Nevertheless, writers from The Crown Season 2 have clarified that the television show was not written to be historically accurate, and if the show implies Queen Elizabeth was the victim of Prince Philip cheating, it does not mean it happened in real life.

 Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip married 70 years.
Queen Elizabeth has endured many rumors over the years but just celebrated her 70th wedding anniversary with Prince Philip.

As far as rumors of affairs in real life, Refinery 29 reported that any allegations Prince Philip cheated on Queen Elizabeth are always denied by royal officials that speak on Her Majesty's behalf.

Of course, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth do grow weary at times by the allegations that he had an affair while they were married, and these annoyances have plagued their marriage long before The Crown existed.

For instance, Daily Mail once quoted an exacerbated Prince Philip speaking about the alleged affairs he had while married to Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth's story on
The writers of 'The Crown' have let fans know that Queen Elizabeth's life, portrayed by Claire Foy, is not historically accurate.

In the quote, Prince Philip found an affair while married to Her Majesty to be next to impossible since being married to Queen Elizabeth inevitably meant being surrounded by 24-hour security.

To find out more about the fictionalized version of Queen Elizabeth's life on Netflix, check out Season 2 of The Crown released on December 8.

Queen Elizabeth is currently being portrayed by Claire Foy, but as previously reported by the Inquisitr, actress Olivia Colman will portray Her Majesty in the 2018 airing of Season 3 of The Crown.