‘Vanderpump Rules’ News: Stassi Schroeder In The Works To Get A Spin-Off

Stassi Schroeder took some time off from Vanderpump Rules, but she is back in full force now. It doesn’t look like Stassi is going anywhere, but now it has been revealed that she could be getting her own spin-off. This all started happening when Stassi took time away from the show, but the fact that she is back didn’t make it go away. Radar Online shared the details about the possibility of Stassi getting a spin-off and what it would be about if it were to happen.

Taylor Strecker is a good friend of Stassi Schroeder, and she is revealing all. Taylor shared that when things went bad on Vanderpump Rules, she told her that she should get a spin-off and have her own show.

She went on to say, “I said, ‘why don’t you come work at Sirius? We’ll get you a radio show because you’re fabulous, and then you can move here, and they can do a reality show about you on the radio.'”

Stassi did just that, and she was dating Strecker’s SiriusXM co-host Patrick Meagher at the time.

Things didn’t work out, though. Stassi and Patrick have split from each other, and the new show never happened. Stassi Schroeder actually went back to Vanderpump Rules and has been on the show again ever since. Even though Stassi is single, she is a great part of the show, and fans love seeing all of her drama.

Stassi’s good friend Taylor Strecker shared that you shouldn’t give up on this spin-off, though. She said that they are still working on it. There are not a lot of details out about it, like what channel it could end up airing on or who else would be on the series. Patrick made it pretty obvious that he never wanted to be on reality television and now that he is done dating Stassi, there would just be no reason for him to be on it at all.

Stassi Schroeder has been dealing with a lot lately since her big split from Patrick Meagher. Radar Online recently shared that Stassi is admitting that she has had a hard a time with it all. They both loved each other, but they had to get out of the situation and stop fighting all the time. Breaking up seemed to be the only way that things were going to get better for them.