‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 6 HOH Fills Nominee In On Backdoor Eviction Plan, Bridgette And Da’Vonne Reach Out To Live Feeders For Support [Spoilers]

Live feeds broadcast from inside the Big Brother 18 house provided more excitement Friday, as the Week 6 Head of Household (HOH) decided to divulge a possible backdoor eviction plan to one of his nominees. In addition, two houseguests felt the need to reach out to those watching live feeds for emotional and spiritual support.

It should be noted that Paul Abrahamian was the victor in the most recent HOH competition. On July 29, he fulfilled his nomination duties by placing Bridgette Dunning and Paulie Calafiore on the chopping block. In some respects, both of these cast members are meant to be pawns, as a devious plot was cooked up in the wee hours of Friday morning that involved a backdoor eviction plan.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul was laser focused on getting Bridgette out this week, but his Big Brother mentor, Paulie, had other ideas. Paulie has expressed he sees fellow houseguest Da’Vonne Rogers as a definite threat and wants her gone as soon as possible. Paulie volunteered to sit on the block next to Bridgette and argued that the Power of Veto (POV) winner will then save him from eviction with the gold medallion, so Da’Vonne can be Paul’s replacement nominee and backdoored straight to the jury house.

It appears Paul felt it was necessary to inform Bridgette of this scheme, apologizing to her for his “harsh” nomination speech as they entered the HOH room together. Joker’s Updates reports Paul told Bridgette Da’Vonne is “shady” and everyone wants her gone. Paul further admitted to Bridgette he likes her and believes she is a genuine person, as he can see the good in her.


After a night of being barraged with questionable revelations that were peppered with half-truths regarding Frank, as reported by the Inquisitr prior, Bridgette was understandably unsure of Paul’s sincerity.

Joker’s Updates reports she told Paul she was scared and didn’t know if he was joking with her or not.

Trying to be as sincere as possible, Paul noted, “Honestly, if I wanted you out, I would just tell you you’re leaving. I’m HOH, you’re on the block,” according to Joker’s Updates.


Paul then advised Bridgette to stay under the radar and not to get paranoid, Big Brother Feedster reports.

According to Big Brother Network, Bridgette wondered whether to pick Corey Brooks or Victor Arroyo when it comes to veto choices, but Paul told her to pick Natalie Negrotti, as she will use the veto and follow through with the plan.


Not long after, Bridgette found herself alone in the Tokyo room and was seen on live feeds tearing up while trying very hard not to break down crying. Bridgette looked extremely sad and hence, she began to lament to live feeders about her situation, seemingly looking for some sort of long distance emotional support.


Bridgette talked to the surrounding cameras saying she desperately needs to win the upcoming POV, and then dropped her head down to stare at the floor. Joker’s Updates reports she also gave shout-outs to her family members, further expressed how lonely she is, and how bad her knee pains her.

In the process, she said, “So, yeah, the whole house is against me… I don’t have Frank, I need to win a veto…”

Bridgette was not the only cast member reaching out to live feeders Friday. Later in the evening, Da’Vonne began speaking to the house cameras, asking live feeders for their prayers, thanking viewers, and telling her family members she loves them.


According to Joker’s Updates, Da’Vonne also said she believes she is cussing more than she should, she greatly misses her daughter, and she wants to win. She further proclaimed she is playing the best game she possibly can in the midst of the multiple showmances and friendship alliances in the house.

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