WWE News: Are WWE’s Women Ready to Main Event A WWE PPV?

WWE programming has done an outstanding job giving their women the opportunities to prove themselves in the ring over the past year. The “Divas” division was showing signs of improvement last year, but WWE made the decision to bring a lot of female talent to the main roster from NXT while they were one of the hottest things going in wrestling. Needless to say, the division improved even more dramatically.

After less than a year with the main roster, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch had a triple threat match at Wrestlemania 32 that rebranded female performers from “Divas” to “Women,” and showed the WWE Universe that women’s wrestling was to be taken seriously in WWE from that day forward.

This past week on WWE programming, Charlotte defended the WWE Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks during the first edition of Raw since the brand extension. In a great match, The Boss became the WWE Women’s Champion to create another important moment when WWE’s women stole the show.

NXTs Women Debuted Over a Year Ago [Image via WWE.com]In many scenarios, it doesn’t matter who wins and who loses a wrestling match, but the in-ring story and the moment of greatness are what the WWE Universe remembers. It doesn’t matter why WWE officials decided to book the Women’s title change three weeks before WWE Summerslam; the point is what Sasha Banks and Charlotte did on Raw was great for the division. Some would argue they deserved to go on last.

Only a few hours before Raw, Charlotte did an interview for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that was posted through Wrestlezone.com. During the interview, Charlotte talked about the potential of WWE’s women being able to main event a WWE PPV in the near future. She said the following on the subject.

“We’ve had contract signings for RAW which was huge. We were one of the main events for WrestleMania with the triple threat. I have no doubt in the next couple months we’ll be main eventing a pay-per-view.”

When WWE has given their women the chance to deliver during a main event segment of Monday Night Raw in the past, they’ve performed very well. However, the women on the main roster haven’t been given a chance to have the final match of Raw or the main event of a major WWE PPV. It’s a bold move to be sure, but WWE’s women seem more than up to the pressure and the challenge of being the main event.

Banks vs Bayley Was the First WWE Female Main Event [Image via WWE.com]Almost a year ago, Sasha Banks and Bayley wrestled in Brooklyn and gave the NXT and WWE Universe such a great show that it stole the WWE Summerslam weekend. Two months later, the two women were given the chance to main event NXT Takeover: Respect and have WWE’s first female Ironman match in history. It was an epic match that proved once and for all that women’s wrestling in WWE was for real.

When Charlotte spoke about WWE’s women main eventing a future WWE PPV, she was confident that the Women’s division will have the opportunity sooner rather than later. Based on the past year of work and the momentum that Banks vs. Charlotte created on Raw, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to happen sooner.

WWE officials only need to give their women the chance to make history again. The Women’s division is a core part of both Raw and SmackDown. The WWE Women’s title has never been more prestigious than it currently is on WWE programming, and the roster is stronger than ever.

It’s true that a feud needs to have enough momentum and star power to be the main event, but a Women’s match for a championship as the main event of a PPV would mean so much more for the division than it would for almost any other match WWE could book. It may be time to give WWE’s women another golden opportunity to bring their women’s wrestling in WWE to an even higher level of prestige.

[Image via WWE.com]