Another Stephanie Seymour Son Arrested: Harry Brant Caught With Drugs Fleeing Cab

It’s been a bad year for the Brant family, as yet another member of the clan has had a run-in with police that involved drugs and alcohol. First, 80s supermodel Stephanie Seymour got picked up for drunk driving in January, then son Peter Brant, Jr. was arrested for being drunk, disorderly, and assaulting a police officer in April, and now, Harry Brant has been arrested after trying to stiff a cabby for a $20 fair, and running off with a bag of cocaine. Harry Brant, who is now out on bail, was arrested in Greenwich, Connecticut, last week for this current incident.

According to the Inquisitr, Peter Brant, Jr. was trying to get on a flight from New York to Florida in April when he showed up at the airport “severely intoxicated” and then shoved a police woman, spraining her arm when she tried to stop him from boarding the plane. Brant, who claims he only had three drinks, threw a tantrum when he was denied entry to the plane. His own lawyer, who represented him at the hearing called his client an idiot. This was not Peter Brant, Jr.’s first run in with the police.


Page Six, who calls Harry Brant “flamboyant,” says that the 20-year-old son of billionaire art collector Peter Brant and former supermodel Stephanie Seymour was taken into custody with a “baggie full of a powder narcotic.” Harry Brant, a regular on the party and fashion circuit, did a runner after racking up a $27 cab fare in Greenwich, Connecticut. Police say when they caught Brant running from the cab he was “sweating profusely and pale.” Brant initially lied about ditching the taxi, but then admitted that he just didn’t have money on him.

The police wrote out a detailed report, claiming that Harry Brant defiantly refused to put his hands behind his back when instructed to, so that police could handcuff him.

“Officers were able to grab ahold of Brant and take him to the ground. Brant continued to resist officers’ attempts to place him under arrest by tensing his muscles while swinging his arms and kicking his legs. Officers were finally able to place him in handcuffs.”


When the Greenwich police finally subdued Brant, they were able to search him, and found his bag of drugs. When asked his name, Harry Brant refused to answer, but then another officer on the scene recognized him. Harry Brant has additionally been charged with larceny in the sixth degree, illegal possession and interfering with an officer. Harry Brant will return to court on August 4 with Phillip Russell, the same lawyer who represented his brother, Peter Brant, Jr. in April.

Peter Brant, Jr. was charged for the airport run-in, and spent some time at Jamaica Hospital for severe alcohol intoxication.


New York Magazine said that Harry Brant, highlighter enthusiast and lover of boleros, stiffed a driver with Stamford Taxi on July 20. Like his brother, Peter Brant, Jr., Harry Brant threw a tantrum when police tried to keep him calm and cuff him. Greenwich police says that they confiscated “a baggie containing a white substance that later tested positive for narcotics,” which was presumably cocaine, but New York Magazine offered readers three guesses as to what the substance actually was.


Fox News says that Brant’s mother, Stephanie Seymour has sought help for her alcoholism, and if she completes her current alcohol abuse treatment and AA meetings, the drunk driving charges against her will be erased.

Phillip Russell, lawyer for Harry Brant, declined to comment on the current family arrest.

Do you think Harry Brant will do any time for his current arrest?

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]