Chloe Sevigny Putting A Bird On It, Is Going To Guest Star On Portlandia

Well, that’s meta… hipster-darling Chloe Sevigny, actress and fashion muse, will be guest-starring on the hit IFC comedy Portlandia in some new episodes.

Chloe Sevigny on Portlandia… not sure if ironic! The indie film star will be making an appearance on the show that affectionately mocks hipster culture in general as well as the specific concentration of hipster culture in Portland, Oregon.

Straddling the line between higher-brow and slapstick, Portlandia does manage to cover the bases of much of left coast culture, and Chloe Sevigny is definitely associated with that indie-sorta vibe.

(The problem with Portlandia being that it feels — and granted, there are some mildly funny bits — that the subject matter would require a higher level of “try” in the humor department. In order to appeal to those who get the joke, it seems that the jokes have to be a bit more clever instead of just presenting typically average comedy scenarios that just happen to be set near a free range chicken or in a lesbian bookshop, you know?)

The opening sequence to Portlandia kind of set the whole tone for the show. A song and dance number basically about how all the dreams of 90s hipsters still lived on in Portland as if it were some sort of bubble free of the horrors of the 2000s was a nice observation, but where the jokes actually lay was not apparent. It like, wasn’t even funny, just sad.

Chloe Sevigny’s turn in Portlandia will be as a roommate to Fred Armisen’s and Carrie Brownstein’s characters, though it is unclear which characters. Do you think Chloe Sevigny will draw more viewers into the quirky sketch comedy?