Will Clint Eastwood Direct ‘The Expendables 3’?

Having almost single handedly derailed Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, it seems like Clint Eastwood is looking to fill the hours of his day by directing the newest instalment to the Expendables franchise. Which sounds like it would be a pretty awesome fit.

Sly Stallone has just about managed to gather up every Hollywood action starlet he can think of so far in his efforts to bring cold-blooded action back to cinema screens. Wesley Snipes, Nicholas Cage, Harrison Ford, and even Eastwood himself have been rumored for the third edition to the series.

Producer Avi Lerner has told BANG Showbiz that “We’ve got Nicolas Cage to play [one of the characters]. And we’re going to bring Mickey Rourke back, if he won’t be too crazy. I like Mickey. And of course, all the existing stars [will return].”

So, with Cage confirmed to join the cast and plans already in motion to make sure that the other three join up too, you would expect Eastwood to be in the know. But it seems like this is all new to Clint. When told that the Rocky star wants him, he responded:

“He does? I haven’t had the opportunity to see [The Expendables] yet. I haven’t read any material.” When pushed further about the possibility of appearing he added, “Probably not. I’m probably more apt to direct something. Maybe I’ll direct Expendables 3.”

How about that then? It would be interesting to see Clint’s attempts at an Expendables movie, but it would certainly be a completely different genre to what he has recently been used to. Would he be able to handle all of the egos on set?